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What Should be Done When Bullying Comes from the top?

By sarahevans33 ·
My sister worked for a company in Arizona called 95 and sunny and shared with me that the owners are the biggest setback of this company and are the cause of office gossip and horrible lack of respect for almost all of the employees except one which they also make clear to the other employees that she is their favorite. They give this one employee fancy vacations and pay raises that others don't receive. This warehouse employee runs around the office when the owner is gone and indicates to everyone that their job is on the line and that she herself made the recommendation to the owner that she should get rid of the other office employees and hire her daughter run the office single handed while she does the order pulling and shipping. This behavior was reported to the owner and she thought it was humorous and indicated that everyone is expendable. This is just one small example of some of the things I have heard coming from this business. This kind of behavior is extremely unprofessional and keeps employees from functioning at 100%. This should not be tolerated at any level.

The moral in this company is very low due to the lack of respect for the employees which causes stress and a sense of hopelessness for all that work in this environment. The bad treatment of employees has also created a much higher than normal turn over rate and the loss of some very talented folks who were very sincere about the success of the company. In a couple of instances the owners would not tell and employee they were let go, they just kept telling them they didn't have any work for them at that time. There are also continuous snide and hurtful remarks made to employees on a daily basis by the owners and the owner?s pet employee.

From a job security standpoint it is a very poor company to work for to say the least. The owners put no value at all in their employees and have a process that will demoralize the most competent worker to a point of depression. No matter how good of a job an employee does or how hard they work it is never good enough and this is the case with all employees that work for this company.

Because this is a small company there really isn't much opportunity for advancement or growth. In all fairness however this company really does have some nice potential if the right folks with some people skills and business training could run it on a professional level without the childish antics.

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Where to start

by JamesRL In reply to What Should be Done When ...

First of all, you admit you have no first hand knowledge this is all coming from your sister. You didn't hear or see any of this directly, you heard it through someone who has a bias and perspective.

This is gossip and you should not repeat it, especially when you are including the name of the company - you are wide open for a libel suit.

But I will answer the question directly.
What should you do when the bullying comes from the top? Leave. Your chances of teaching old dogs who own the company new tricks is pretty darn low, unless you hold the company's fate in your hands.

Walk away and move on with your life. Or tell your sister to do that.


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You could also

by Dr Dij In reply to Where to start

use a hidden cell phone camera or something and record the bullying and post it on youtube! you'd have to of course leave the company immediately after, but think how popular it would be. MIght drive them out of biz.

Other videos include those of teachers bullying students and of course the stupid videos students post of themselves fighting.

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Learn, and move on

by DelbertPGH In reply to What Should be Done When ...

Small companies are often run by personalities with limited business skills. They learned the trick of making money in some small corner of the market, and they get a couple of people they trust who help make it work, and that's the end of their management policy. The office becomes a snake pit, and nobody has any interest in making it a better place to work.

Stay as long as you need, and get out. Stay forever, and be miserable forever, or until it goes bankrupt. Those are the only two choices.

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I'm sure that you could let them know the errors of their ways...

by robo_dev In reply to Learn, and move on

And convince them that 'the right thing to do' is to treat all employees with fairness and respect. I'm sure that they would see the light and realize just how wrong they had been and change their ways.

And wolves, by the way, make good housepets.

Get out, get away, and don't let the door hitcha where the good lord splitcha....

What goes around comes around.

The IRS pays good reward money for people who report tax evasion, so keep good records and a hidden camera won't hurt either.

I once worked for a computer broker that was a lot worse than what you describe.

In the end, they were selling counterfeit items to the US Army. An ex-employee provided a tip to the local FBI office, and the president of the company was indicted and convicted under the RICO act as well as on money laundering, weapons, and tax evasion charges.

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...and get fired

by DelbertPGH In reply to I'm sure that you could l ...

Little dinky companies are sometimes run by little dinky minds. If they're small enough and don't fall in certain industries, they don't come under Federal regulation, which means that a lot of the fair employment practices stuff doesn't apply to them.

What, you don't like your job here? Don't worry, it's not yours. As of ten seconds ago. Now git, or we'll throw yew out. Come, Jethro. Git that boy.

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