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What Should I Teach?

By ITInstructor ·
What is the most important soft skill and technical skill for IT professionals to have? I teach at a small community college and this info help me prepare classes in the future?

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by jdmercha In reply to Dead??????

There are plenty of low-end opportunities, but very few high-end openings.

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I agree

by house In reply to Dead??????

IT careers are plenty, but they require flexibility and adaptation on the part of the individual. I've had no problem developing my contacts within the industry, even in a "one horse" town.

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Pay Your Dues

by PSU-Curt In reply to I agree

If you expect to come out of school and walk into a top-end Senior Analyst position advising the CEO - it's not going to happen. IF you're willing to take an entry-level postion, pay your dues, and work your way up, the opportunities are limited only by your ambition.

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by house In reply to Pay Your Dues

That's the biggest problem that I see with these new grads. Everyone wants everything right away. It doesn't work that way at all. Don't think for one second that someone is going to be hired into a senior position straight out of university. I would never even consider that myself.

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junior forever

by eddie_is_okay In reply to Pay Your Dues

Hi, I have been a junior IT guy for 6 years. i have my MCSE, and I have been looking for a new job for 2 years. Nothing!

I like what I do, but I don't like where I do it. The people I work with are very corrupt.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to junior forever

You haven't got Junior in your job title on your cv have you ?

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Not in my title

by eddie_is_okay In reply to Hmm

No I do not have it specified in my title or my CV, but I have not been able to get a more senior position with my current work experience.

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Join 'em

by house In reply to junior forever

Nuff said. Join them. :)

It's a dirty game.

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Mentor mode engaged.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to junior forever

Don't know where you are, or your exact circumstances, but certainly in the UK, six years would be considered very experienced. Your technical skills would have to be very unmarketable or there's some sort of presentation failure.

If you aren't getting put forward for interviews, your cv/cover letter is failing you, or your expectations are cutting you out of the picture. I got cut out for a year from one agency because I forgot to update the salary range I was looking at. It looked like I wanted 10k above market for the job. Other constraints like within 10 miles of home, free healthcare will kill you as well.

If you are getting interviews, but not getting the jobs, then you need to pick up interview presentation skills, how you sell yourself face to face.
Aagin you've got the net or a book.

Finally if you lack confidence in whether you've been helped by reading a book or two, you'll have to spend some real money and get a cv makeover and training on interview technique etc.

Don't be hard on yourself, it takes practice, to learn how to sell anything, selling yourself can is the hardest, especially for those of us who are more comfortable with inanimate objects.

Take a step back, look at the market. Re-examine what you want, look at what you can get. I've sold myself on my minor skills, or only on my soft skills before now. My situation was markedly different to yours but it took me two years to get my second job. I had to apply the waffle above to myself.

Hope this helps.

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If YOU are in the U.S...

by shadowpassword In reply to Dead??????

I have to agree with Mr. Edsion. No doubt you are joy to be around both privately and professionally-not.

Moreover, if YOU are in the U.S. then...leave-we don't need you here with that attitude.

(At the very least you could leave Tech Republic so the real professionals can get on with the business at hand without interference from you.)

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