What should my "official" title be?

By wayne62682 ·
I realize that titles mean jack squat in the large scheme of things, but in any event I'm wondering what exactly my title should be.

I am the IT department (i.e. only person0 for a very small 8-person company. That means I'm responsible for keeping systems up and running (sysadmin), database design and maintenance (dba), application design and maintenance (programming). I am considered management-level in the hierarchy of the company; I report directly to the President and work closely with the COO on tactical-level IT initiatives to help our core business. I can recommend purchases, but do not have direct purchasing authority. The company has a contract with a software development firm to provide some assistance with our systems, and I function as liaison between them and the COO. If and when we contract them to undertake larger projects, I am going to function as Project Manager for them.

I was thinking my title should be "Information Services Manager" since that accurately describes my role and doesn't sound pretentious (it was unofficially Director of IT Services, and once during a meeting with our supplier it was on the agenda sheet as Vice President of IT, but given that I only manage computers, not people I think it looks "bad" and smacks of arrogance). I've also seen "Manager, Information Systems" as a similar (albeit more archaic) title for someone in my position.

So again, even though the title has no real bearing on anything, I'd like to have something that effectively conveys my position but gives credit to the fact that I am more than just a "grunt" in the scheme of things.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks, everyone

by wayne62682 In reply to What should my "official" ...

I'm going to go with "Information Services Manager" since it accurately reflects what I do, and doesn't sound pretentious like VP or Director does.

FWIW I've worked for many "directors" who were basically just managers (and were actually more "hands on" than most managers.. in my case they were developers themselves as well as in charge of other developers), not officers of the company. Might be different in other countries.

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