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What should we call this new way to browse Hot Discussions?

By Beth Blakely ·
Here's another new feature for our members to try and critique. We've developed a new way to browse Hot Discussions. Here's the link:

That new blue bar at the top of the page allows you to browse Hot Discussions. You may use the Previous and Next buttons, or pull the drop-down menu to choose your next discussion.

Internally, we've been calling this feature "the Hat" because of the way it sits atop the page.

We have two questions for you:

Do you like this method of browsing? (Why? or Why not?)

What would you call this feature? ("The Hat" isn't very self-explanatory, right?)

Please give us honest feedback, as always. We value your opinions!

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In that case

by M_a_r_k In reply to Did I mention??

the ants will simply build a bigger ant hill. And if ants don't get you, then a swarm of ravenous man-eating killer bees will. You can't beat Mother Nature...

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by Jaqui In reply to Did I mention??

won't help.
the little beggars can climb the support for the hanging apparatus and then down to you. ~evil grin~

( and yes, they can do that. )

and probably will after we spray you with warm jam so it makes you all sticky sweet.

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Maybe not

by M_a_r_k In reply to Did I mention??

I think she implied that she's hanging from thin air. Therefore, the ants have to call in the air force, i.e., killer bees.

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I was wondering

by stargazerr In reply to Did I mention??

why i hadnt replied to this thread for 3 days ... now that i read the above posts, I know why..

Ants?? Killer Bees?? I am going to the North Pole and hibernate in some cave ... then the dad dratted things cant get to me ...


P.S .. Yeah Jacqui, I did mean thin air

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Before you move North

by Oz_Media In reply to Did I mention??

Ants, Killer bees, you forgot Polar bears, nasty buggers at best, and VERY big too, I mean VEEEEEEERY big!

ooooh, trivia, did you know a polar bears fur isn't REALLY white?
It's actually a transparent, hollow, quill like fur that reflects light and appears white. If it didn't reflect light, it would look black, because a polar bear has black skin.

Oh and your alias, yes it's just fine, but you might wanna be careful people may think you mean US (as in USA) geeks rule. :)

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Interesting trivia about the polar bears

by M_a_r_k In reply to Did I mention??

But I'm under the impression that american_geeks_rule will be spending all her time at the North Pole hibernating in a cave. Do polar bears hibernate in caves like real bears? I don't think so. Polar bears are a confused lot. They love snow and ice and all that winter crap. So your polar bear trivia, though interesting, will be of no use to her unless she hibernates in the same cave as a schizophrenic polar bear. On the other hand, if you know some trivia about bats...

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re polar bears...

by Jaqui In reply to Did I mention??

naturally they are large, they are the largest bears on the planet. they are the biggest of the Grizzly family of bears.


naw, a polar bear will hunt down any animal in winter, they are starving because mankind has killed off a lot of the food chain on them.

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Interesting ...

by stargazerr In reply to Did I mention??

How about if I go to Mars?? No polar bears or ants or killer bees there?? I can hitch a ride with the next NASA mission ...

Then I will change my alias to Martian_geeks_rule


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By golly, Oz was right!

by M_a_r_k In reply to Did I mention??

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ursus maritimus:
And my question is answered there, as well. Polar bears do not hibernate so I guess American_geeks_rule won't have to jet off to Venus after all.

I love wikipedia.

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hey . . .

by apotheon In reply to What should we call this ...

I like "the hat" as a name for it, but maybe you should jazz it up a bit. Call it "Blue Hat". Kind of a self-conscious ripoff of White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat, and Red Hat, that way -- or maybe go with something like Sombrero, or Stetson, or something like that. Yeah, that's it.

Okay, I got nothin'. I like the look of it, though. What's wrong with just leaving it "Hot Discussions"?

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