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What should we call this new way to browse Hot Discussions?

By Beth Blakely ·
Here's another new feature for our members to try and critique. We've developed a new way to browse Hot Discussions. Here's the link:

That new blue bar at the top of the page allows you to browse Hot Discussions. You may use the Previous and Next buttons, or pull the drop-down menu to choose your next discussion.

Internally, we've been calling this feature "the Hat" because of the way it sits atop the page.

We have two questions for you:

Do you like this method of browsing? (Why? or Why not?)

What would you call this feature? ("The Hat" isn't very self-explanatory, right?)

Please give us honest feedback, as always. We value your opinions!

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The Sombrero?

by Beth Blakely In reply to hey . . .
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SEINFELD still lives on apparently....

by UncleRob In reply to The Sombrero?

but seriously I don't mind this new feature at all, but naming it seems to be the difficult task,
how about TR QuickLinks or TR Hotlinks

Since you were on a Seinfeld trip how about Kramer's Quicklinks or Costanza's Buffer zone.

- just kidding ;-)

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Blue Bollocks Bar

by Oz_Media In reply to What should we call this ...

While that is probably the expected answer from me, it really is just real estate, may as well have a banner ad too (but you've already got those I suppose).

This site has become TOO functional I think. While many of the recent layout changes are okay, there has always been redundancy on TR, too many links to the same content, too many different ways to do the same thing or get the same info.

I used to get Word users who could spend DAYS formatting a single document, the endless list of options can keep you going for ages. In the end though, they had the same page they started with but they had wasted so much time reformatting it and making it look different while the text and message was the same.

Just as you can overformat a word document, I feel that there comes a time when you just ave to say,'okay, this works well' and leave it be.

Does C-Net have you guys doing other stuff or are you all just looking for ways to recode the site all the time? No offense intended toward yourself of course, but it just needs to be left as is, it works and works well, why continue to play with it?

How about spending some time resolving the endless Tech Q&A problems? People mispoting to discussions and people not being pushed to close questions or respond to answers? Perhaps even a timeout system, you can't ASK a question until you've been registered X amt of days or have answered X number of questions or something?

Another HOTBAR for searching discussions? Redundant and not needed.

On anoter note, too blue a gradient would help ( ) and too much wasted real estate but kinda cool if it was needed.

But if you must...Hot Discussions works doesn't it?

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