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What??? - The Gospel According to Judas?

By DMambo ·
Located in a safe deposit box in Long Island (of all places!) the Gospel According to Judas has been translated. It reveals that Judas was making the ultimate sacrifice working in conjunction with Jesus to turn Him over to the Romans during Passover and to allow Jesus to shed His earthly mantle. Judas knew that he would be reviled throughout history for his actions, but did it because he loved Jesus.

How do you think this will affect the practice and teachings of Christianity?

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That's an Interesting Observation

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What a Crock

You have the bitterness of a broken faith.

But totally incorrect as I do follow a path just not a Christian Path I was taught from a very early age to follow a different path by one of the 47 Sholin Priests who where given the job of making sure that the Dali Lama made a successful escape from Chinese controlled Tibet. Even then I don't fully agree with the Dali Lama who is a complete Pacifist as I was taught to fight to protect the people who couldn't protect themselves and the Dali Lama just tells people not to resist and accept what happens. That is something that I can not accept but such is life and I'm not one to complain.

Being who I am I used to be called in to be a Body Guard for the Dali Lama whenever he visited AU which he found funny as he could never understand that he was in danger and was willing to accept whatever happened to him, where I was given the job of protecting him and making sure that nothing did happen to him.

But my Master did insist that we study the different religions around the world and understand them as they really all are the same thing expressed in a different way as different people express the same happenings in different ways according to their society and their previous experience. So from that prospective I don't see any real difference between the basics of Christianity, Hinduism, Muslim, Buddhist or any other faith.

Rather my view is a matter of an outsider looking in and seeing the differences and laughing at them for what they are rather than having any bitterness over a Broken Faith. The ones that scare me are the fundamentalist of any faith as they distort their so called religion to suit their own ends and claim that the ends justify the means which I do find unacceptable. That can range from some Muslim Extremists flying commercial aircraft into buildings to a group of Fundamentalists Christians Declaring war on all of the Muslim faith because some Fundamentalists fools hurt them or scared them so everyone of that faith has to be Put to the Sword!

I can see wrong on all sides in the current conflict between religious beliefs and while I don't disagree with hunting down the Fundalmenalists responsible for the events of 9-11-2001 I do see a major problem with attempting to force your ideals onto every one of that religion and attempting to force them to change as this will only make the enemy stronger to fight against you. Currently there is a MESS that has no solution in the Middle East and it has been brewing since before WW11 and there are some fools who think that they will be able to fix it in a few weeks/months/years when actually it will require decades to put right and I personally don't think that the people involved will have the stomach to follow through to the finial product where it is possible to have peace.

All I currently see is the supposedly Good Guy's descending to the level of those they are supposed to free and by doing so are only making the opposition to their presence stronger and the fight more bitter and longer than it should or needs to be.

Currently Afghanistan is a Mess and Iraq is no better and if anything worse and there is talk of moving on from Iraq to green pastures to bring freedom before the job is finished, to me this smacks of Hypocrisy as there is currently No Plan to withdraw from Iraq and leave a stable situation in place just mess things up and walk away saying Look How much Good we Have Done!

Currently I still fail to see why Iraq was invaded in the supposed War on Terror as there has been no proven connection between that country and the events of 9-11-2001. The only similarities are that both countries where Muslim and at one time got assistance from the US to fight against the supposed enemies of the US.

What is missed here is that we are now facing a new situation that no country is currently prepared to admit to instead of fighting over land and resources the enemy has neither just an idea and they are independent of any country so they are effectively invisible and have nothing to strike back against except the people themselves. Invading countries will not cure the current problem but it will exacerbate it and possibly push us over the edge into a World War which we will be on the wrong side of as previously we have never been responsible for a First Strike we have only reacted to an attack against us and our property meaning land a couple of buildings just doesn't count in the bigger picture no matter how wronged we feel at the time.


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Col, givern your personal beliefs, you may be interested in this.

by deepsand In reply to What a Crock

Please see .

P.S. Several of us have noted Gret's apparent long absence from these proceedings, and are hoping that she is well. Can you advise?

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by jardinier In reply to What a Crock

At any given time there seems to invariably be a new member of TR who is an arrogant, offensive a$$hole.

Currenly you are fulfilling that role.

I suggest you change your attitude if you want people to treat you seriously.

While Colin has spoken for himself, after knowing him for more than three years I can say that he is always polite, has a vast general knowledge, and most certainly is not bitter.

[Edited because of auto-censor]

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Sandy Re Grett

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What a Crock

Grett has had computer problems and has been messed around by the supposed professionals down where she lives. About a year ago they rebuilt her computer and sold her new MS Software but didn't change the Video Card which has been giving problems but from my understanding the people who did it have not accepted the problem and have had the computer for ages attempting to make it work by changing the M'Board CPU & RAM.

I got an E-Mail from Grett about a week ago and she's madly fighting her way through the backlog of E-Mail in an attempt to get on top of things As if that's ever possible :^0

But with a bit of luck she'll be back in the near future as her usual self. I just hope that she doesn't have Reams of Translations to do as that will slow her down considerably, but she insisted that she fine last time I was in contact with her and very Peeved OFF with the people who repaired her computer.

I was down there just after the repair and if I had of known I could have done it for her properly.

Col ]:)

Well just to finish off the week properly after upsetting at least 2 of the TR Staff I'll post this and see if they throw me off all together. :^0

Jay look and Suffer!!!!!!!!!
Remember I have my eye on you!

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Thanks, Col

by deepsand In reply to What a Crock

You're right; fall behind here and you'll never catch up. The best one can do is try to forget what may have been missed and start anew. I know, from experience.

You may recall that I vanished from sight here in July of last year. Owing to the needs of a client, who is also my closest friend (the Spiritualist Reverend that I've referenced elsewhere believes that we were brothers in a prior incartion), along with my efforts to re-hab my house, preparatory to selling it and moving back to the Penn State area, have left me with precious little time for other than the absolute necessities.

At the moment, I've a short period during which to re-visit TR. I very quickly gave up on trying to read all of the posts, noted in several hundreds of e-mails, that I'd missed during my absence. It was either that, or continually subject myself to playing Sisyphus.

I'm glad to hear that Gret's absence is not owing to some greater tragedy than that of a loss of communications.

Should you have the opportunity, please tell her that I wish her well, and look forward to her return.

May the future be kind.

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A question

by oneamazingwriter In reply to 1 valid Point.

You stated "There was no divine hand" and I wonder how you came to that conclusion, regardless of what it refers to.
It's been my experience that God often works through guiding groups of people to agree. It has also been my experience that He has used things I have written for others and what others have written for me.
So who is to decide what is the working(s) of a divine hand?

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Technically, "mazing"

by jdclyde In reply to A question

that was TWO questions, not "a" question.

"I wonder how you came to that conclusion,"
"So who is to decide what is the working(s) of a divine hand?"

So unless you go back and restate this, you are over your quota and shall be denied all answers from this point on! ;\

Go write about THAT one!

edited to point out I actually made a post that didn't have any DE's or other references! ]:)

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To err is human

by oneamazingwriter In reply to 1 valid Point.
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But it Felt divine.. Perhaps an error in translation :)

by X-MarCap In reply to To err is human

Anyone recall the source of this quote.

Heinlein? Time enough for Love, Maybe?

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Cream of the Crop - as decided by a small group of men

by Deadly Ernest In reply to 1 valid Point.

who selected items that supported their doctrinal views and rejected any that did not. The people who made the decisions had no evidence to say which of the matters were accurate and the relevancy was what matched their views.

Regarding accuracy look at the fate of Judas in Matthew 27 as against that in Acts 1 - two totally different, and mutually incompatible, stories of his death. One states he died before Jesus was crucified the other give no time indication of his death.

The best way to handle this sort of thing re scriptures i to not take them as being word perfect but to read them and then to ask God for an interpretation and udnerstanding.

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