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What to do for a birthday

By jck ·
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Well, here I am going to beg for ideas.

The birthday is coming up soon, and I am looking for ideas of what to do.

Things I don't want to do:

Go to a bar/club
Go to a sporting event
Go to a concert
Go visit relatives
Go to a theme park

Done all those.

Looking for refreshing ideas of what might be relaxing and let me enjoy my birthday.

Any input appreciated.

P.S.- Sorry Shell and GG and neilb, but I can't come over for this birthday...or I darn well would! :)

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I wish

by jck In reply to go to fiji/hawaii

Hawaii would be about 9 hours of flying, and Fiji about what...22?

I don't have the time, or I would. Always wanted to go to Hawaii just to watch a sunset on the beach and to just sit under a remote waterfall and feel the water and spray hitting me.

Thanks for the idea tho :)

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There are some decent

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What to do for a birthday

small wineries in FL. And the Dali museum is in St. Petersburg along with one of those wineries. Can't think the name of it, but Googling FL wineries will get you there. The one I'm thinking is a fruits not grape winery. Carrot wine is pretty damned good! :0 There's a decent open air eating establishment next door to the Dali museum.

Edison-Ford Estate in Fort Meyer (?) is cool, the lab is fascinating. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Sarasota-ish) is gorgeous. Solomon's Castle (Arcadia-ish) is hilarious. Mote Aquarium isn't bad either.

Yeh. Be a tourist in your own state!

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St. Augustine

by CharlieSpencer In reply to There are some decent

might be a good day trip.

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FL attractions

by jck In reply to There are some decent

Been to two of the wineries here, and yeah alternative wine is very popular here. Have a co-worker who makes pumpkin wine, etc.

Been to the Dali Museum and other sites.

Think if I go see anything else in FL, I might go up to Suwanee River area and I think they have a Stephen Foster thing up there.

Thanks for the ideas :)

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What and/or where have you always wanted to visit?

by maxwell edison In reply to What to do for a birthday

Within the constraints of your budget, get on a plane or into your automobile and go to a place you've always wanted to visit but never have - and go alone.

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going somewhere I've wanted to go

by jck In reply to What and/or where have yo ...

The budget isn't a constraint. I could afford to fly to England or Ireland right now.

The big restriction is time, and having enough to relax and enjoy.

There's nothing I really want to see in the United States. I have been all over from the smallest towns (literally...2-4 people living there) to LA and NYC and Chicago and Houston.

If I had the time, I'd go spend a month in Europe. I have friends there...some I haven't seen in almost 10 years there, and I regret not having made the time before now.

Hence next year, I hope to be spending 2-3 weeks over there. I have 7 countries to visit.

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Another option (4 me at least)

by Forum Surfer In reply to What to do for a birthday

I've always wanted to take a serious road trip. Maybe drive the old route 66. I love long trips on 2 lanes during the off season when traffic is less significant...particularly into the wee morning hours. No GPS, just a map and the road. Okay, I might keep a GPS in the trunk for emergencies. I'm weird like that, so that isn't for everyone. If I didn't have kids or a serious girlfriend, I'm sure I'd do it on a Harley or gas guzzling, rear wheel drive big honkin v8 car of my choosing.

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nah see that sounds cool to me

by jck In reply to Another option (4 me at l ...

I love road fact, to an extreme.

When I was in college, I would just get in my truck...and go. No map. No itinerary. Just a wallet, some snacks, and drive and see things.

Once I ended up in rural Arkansas after visiting the world's oldest cyprus tree and an Indian tourist thing in SE Oklahoma. That was cool to me tho. Just seeing out-of-the-way things that probably 10,000 people have never seen in 100 years.

As for not having kids and a girlfriend, that's where I am. No kids, and no current female other half...although, that is in the works along with possible relocation.

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Something I've done in the past

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to What to do for a birthday

Granted, it was a while ago, but I took a last minute, short cruise for a birthday, and it was a ton of fun.

I've also gone to Union Station in Chicago with a bag in hand, and boarded the first train that seemed like it was going somewhere interesting.

In any event, I hope your birthday is a good one!

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by jck In reply to Something I've done in th ...

I do too. Of course because of the politics involved with my job, I think the Friday following my birthday that I wanted to take off and spending time with my niece who is in the state for a week...will partially be spent in the dentist's chair getting a crown prepped.

I love how work makes you accommodate all their timetables, but rarely wants to give you time to accommodate your own.

Yay?? lol :^0

I'll check that cruise out tho. I have always wanted to go on more than a 6 hour one like I did on gambling boats.

Thanks :)

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