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What to do for a birthday

By jck ·
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Well, here I am going to beg for ideas.

The birthday is coming up soon, and I am looking for ideas of what to do.

Things I don't want to do:

Go to a bar/club
Go to a sporting event
Go to a concert
Go visit relatives
Go to a theme park

Done all those.

Looking for refreshing ideas of what might be relaxing and let me enjoy my birthday.

Any input appreciated.

P.S.- Sorry Shell and GG and neilb, but I can't come over for this birthday...or I darn well would! :)

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Do not, repeat, DO NOT

by CharlieSpencer In reply to thanks

leave the local area during the crown process. After making a mold, your dentist may have to send the mold off site to have the permanent crown made. He may have to put in a temporary crown. I've had three done, and in two cases the temporary broke or came out. Fortunately, both happened during the week while I was in town.

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Oh yeah

by jck In reply to Do not, repeat, DO NOT

I have had temps pop off too. Luckily, it wasn't too painful and I just flushed some .3% H2O2 in there and then gauze dried it and used a denture adhesive to hold it til he could get the perm in.

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Cruises are a blast

by Forum Surfer In reply to Oh yeah

Some people think cruises are corny or a poor way to visit places. I however, had an absolute blast on the cruises I went on. Never book the tours on the boat, the locals will give you much better deals. Just be careful not to end up like a bad horror b flick victim. An ex and I thoroughly enjoyed a few days of para-sailing, horseback riding through the countryside and riding jet-skis around the islands. Had we done the same activities through the cruise line, it would have cost us significantly more.

I had a crown fairly recently. Don't they use a semi permanent filling now? The stuff they used on me was pretty tough. I had about a month or so in between the temp and the final stage due to a work project. My temp held up fine without attempting to take it easy.

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Not real sure about temp crowns

by jck In reply to Cruises are a blast

I haven't had one done in 3 years, and that was a repair job from a previous dentist (at a dental conveyor belt sorta shop) near an old job.

My dentist now is really good. He's kept this tooth from having to be crowned for 4-5 years, but said the leak the filling had before had just gotten around before he got to it.

It's scheduled March 1. So, we'll see how it goes. I like to chew gum, so I hope it stays in. :)

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Whatever it is...

by DMambo In reply to What to do for a birthday

leave the phone/BB/pager (do they still use those?) at home.

What I would do for a quiet B-day is take a long hike with a pre-planned junction at a great sandwich shop that serves microbrew. I even like urban hiking through parks/old neighborhoods with maybe a museum stop or something built in.

Also, be sure to bring this along:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, jck!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I hope it's a great one whtever you do!

EDIT - or a Smithsonian weekend in DC. I've done that a couple of times, and still haven't seen everything that's been on my list.

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by jck In reply to Whatever it is...

I'd love to go to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, especially for all the space stuff. I was raised on NASA and Star Trek, so I love that stuff.

Just need 3-4 days to see the museums I want to go to there. And, I really only have 2 days including travel...if there's no dental work to get done that weekend.

Thanks tho :)

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