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What to do with an absentee boss?

By Gustophe ·
I have a boss that has been absent 3 of the last 5 months. It is obvious he doesn't want to be here and he makes it clear by taking every opportunity not to be here (sick, wife is sick, kids are sick, car ran out of gas, car went off the road, had "something" to take care of at home, wife and kids are sick, uncle is sick, Grandfater is sick, need to fix car, etc.) He lives about an hour away from work and his wife doesn't work so whenever he feels like staying home he does.

The adminstration never seems to notice his absence unless there is a meeting. He claims to be working from home so the absences don't show up on any attendence sheet because he doesn't mark those days as an absence. On these days you can't seem to reach him and nothing is getting done from what anyone in our department can see.

The people in our department are at wits end as what to do. We have been tracking days he is out and days he comes in late (ie 11 am) and leaves early (ie 4 pm) but don't know what to do with the information. It has been happening so much it has become a joke in our department but in reality it is getting our department a lot of heat for projects not being done and important decisions not being made.

To compound the problem he never tells anyone (even the assistant director) what is going on so we can't make the decisions. There are also certain jobs that only he can do that he refuses to delegate or train others to do. One of those tasks is phone support/installation and people have had to wait 2 months to get phones or change phone settings.

We are contemplating talking to administration about this but don't want the rath a boss can bring.

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by Gustophe In reply to What to do with an absent ...

We (coworkers and I) may not have to worry about it. The rumor mill (actually a reliable source) seems to think that there is going to be a restructuring of my department. Those of you who said that others were noticing it also hit the nail on the head! It seems they are going to put him in charge of a one man department and give him enough rope to hang himself. When he is the only one in the department and things aren't getting done because he is gone....well I think you can figure it out from there.

In the meantime I think all of us have decided to just weather the storm and then see what happens after the restructure.

Thanks for all the imput. It has helped tremendously (mentally if nothing else).

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