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What to do with old useless equipment?

By Aldanatech ·
Corporations, schools, and other organizations can have a great demand for computers and other equipment. If any of that equipment fails we can usually fix it or salvage it for the company. Other times we might salvage that equipment for non-profit organizations or developing countries. The same usually applies to old equipment that works as well. But what about non-salvageable equipment such useless motherboards or monitors, burned RAM chips or power supplies? What is the best way to deal with all that useless equipment? I heard countless cases of people that rooms full of old and useless equipment just sitting there.

Some suggest that we should just throw it away and be done with it. Others believe that because of environmental issues, there should be a proper way to safely dispose all that stuff. What do you think?

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RE: Schools and disposal

by andrew In reply to Schools and disposal

We only accept PIIIs as donations at our high school because of software constraints. Most of the new books (which are sorely needed in public schools) come with additional tools in the form of software, which of course, requires Windows XP, which requires PIII+ architecture to function correctly. It's a bit of a catch-22 for us. We love donations because we are working with limited funds; however, we can't just take anything.

Sorry about that....

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Limited funds

by Choppit In reply to RE: Schools and disposal

Most of us work with limited funds, the trick is to get the best from that funding. If you become locked into using MS solutions then you'll always be in this situation.

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An echo in here

by Dr Dij In reply to Here is a Free Recycling ...

The previous message keeps repeating. I think there's an echo in here

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An echo in here

by Choppit In reply to An echo in here

The previous message keeps repeating. I think there's an echo in here

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by TheChas In reply to What to do with old usele ...

I am fortunate enough to have a couple of paths to recycle old computers, electronics, and small appliances.

For personal items, I can drop them off working or not at any local Goodwill Industries location.
If they do not want or cannot use the equipment, it is sent to a recycling center.

We also have a local branch of CompRenew.

They buy, sell, and recycle computer equipment.
There is a fee for dropping of some items.


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Electronic Equipment Recycling Centres

by Hockeyist In reply to Recyclers

There are several computer recycling centres in our area;check your area for them. They extract the metals from the boards physically and chemically with acid. The external cases are scrap metal and the boards usually contain small traces of precious metal (especially the older equipment). The metal is then reclaimed and put back into the loop.

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Here is a Free Recycling Program.

by michael.n.jones In reply to Recyclers
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Environmentally friendly disposal

by Choppit In reply to What to do with old usele ...

There are companies in the UK that deal with disposal of old electronic equipment in an environmentally manner. I believe that they extract the precious metals, plastics, substrate etc and use these in other manufacturing processes.

As for the environmental issues, in the UK, the WEEE directive will severely restrict the disposal of electrical products after 2008.

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