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What was a landmark moment for you with hardware?

By jdclyde ·
I remember when I doubled the RAM on my 386/66 from 8 to 16 Megs, because RAM had just done a huge drop in price and it was only $110 for the 8 megs! WOO WOO!

Man, you should have seen that system hum along.

Do you have a land mark moment that stands out in your mind?

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Oh my gosh!

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Installing Windows 3.1 vi ...

Did anyone else install Office on floppies? Before we were able to get enough network disk space for images, once a week we had to clean install Ofice on the 20 PCs in the training rooom. We'd start the 1st floppy in the 1st PC, move it to the 2nd PC and start the 2nd floppy in the 1st PC, etc. all around the room. It took about an hour.

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Still have DOS 6 floppies....

by jdclyde In reply to Oh my gosh!

and the win95, 0ffice but have to look to see which version, the smart suit.

I remember backing up systems once a week, with two sets of 20 floppies. The newest set stayed on site, the second oldest went with me. Took about two hours of swapping floppies.....

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i have

by jck In reply to Still have DOS 6 floppies ...

DOS 3.3 on 5.25" floppy still

Oh wow...and I have IBM XENIX too!!

I have so much computer junk...i should start a museum lol

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memory chips

by jdclyde In reply to My first memory upgrade

I remember the good old days where if you had a crash it was because you had a hardware issue, not because you were running windows. AND the error would tell you EXACTLY what was wrong.

I remember having to read the code that told me go to row X and column Y and replace THAT memory chip.

That was when it was $100 a meg, and you were SCREAMING with 2 megs in your SERVER.

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And it wasn't bad hardware, either

by NickNielsen In reply to memory chips

All you had to do was press the "bad" chip back down into the socket and you were back in business.

Ya know, sometimes I miss chip creep...

edit: slepl

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The first time a tested a RAID drive.

by RFink In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

I just completed building a server and my boss's boss wanted a demo proving its fault tolerance. Without speaking a word, I took a random hard drive out of the disk array. I thought my boss was going to have a heart attack. It was great. :)

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Couple of them....

by JamesRL In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

When I used IBM PCs and Apple II clones, I didn't touch the inside.

Then I bought a Mac SE with no HD and two floppy slots.

But I soon found I wanted to stop swapping floppies (OS fit on one, app on another) and have a HD. I'd seen the inside of a PC but never swapped a drive.

At the time you were strongly encouraged to have an apple dealer do the upgrades. But I was reading a MacWorld and learned hwo to do it. First you needed a foot long Torx screwdriver, because there were two screws recessed under the "handle" of the Mac (indentation behind the monitor). But you also needed a case cracking tool - once you took the screws out friction held the back of the case on and you needed to pry it off. It was kind of a reverse clamp. Well they wanted $50 to buy a kit, but I found a clamp in the hardware store and I had SnapOn tools make me a screwdriver custom for about $25.

Getting into the SE was hard, adding the HD was pretty easy. It was a non Apple SCSI drive, so I had to use a third party tool to format it.

It worked out so well, I did it for a friend who paid me with a nice bottle of wine.

My next big thing was when I had a Mac II, more like a PC in layout. It was getting kind old and slow and I couldn't afford a new one. It was not designed to have the CPU be upgraded - it was set into the motherboard by a large number of pins.

I found a third party upgrade that would upgrade the speed from 16 to 25 Mhz. It sat on a small daughterboard that would fit over the processor slot. I had to use a flat screwdriver to pry the old processor out (68020). In prying it out I bent some pins, so I knew there was no going back.

It did go in and it did seem to improve the speed.

And Jeff I remember when RAM was $400 a MB, and I went from 256 K (yes thats right) to 1MB on a Mac. I also remember putting $30,000 worth of RAM into a Sun server cause all the tech in the office were HP trained and wouldn't touch the Sun server. I knew the Sun server used the same type of RAM as the Mac, and I was confident in that, so I went ahead and did it. I did breath a sigh of relief afterwards though.


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A lot of pressure

by jdclyde In reply to Couple of them....

but a huge feeling of accomplishment when it is done! B-)

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Working on the macs

by JamesRL In reply to A lot of pressure

Was tough.

When you take off the back cover, the tube is exposed and if you accidentally brush the yoke at the end of the CRT - gas escapes and you have to replace it. Happened when I was in sales at a Mac dealer, guy comes back from a week's training and we all stand around watching him work on his first - he broke the CRT.

The shell was not very well finished, and I often cut myself reaching in to unplug the PSU from the MB. It was a tight fit and a rough finish. My blood was on a few MBs in the day.


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Memory and Zip drive

by magic8ball In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

One of the first was after I had bought my first PC, a screaming Pentium 166, upgrading the memory from 32 to 64MB of EDO ram. I knew that was all I'd ever need until I installed a 100MB zip drive and was astonished that I could carry almost 70 floppies in one disk.

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