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What was a landmark moment for you with hardware?

By jdclyde ·
I remember when I doubled the RAM on my 386/66 from 8 to 16 Megs, because RAM had just done a huge drop in price and it was only $110 for the 8 megs! WOO WOO!

Man, you should have seen that system hum along.

Do you have a land mark moment that stands out in your mind?

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I had a very short love affair with the zip drives

by jdclyde In reply to Memory and Zip drive

until I started running into the dreaded "click of death" with the only way to recover was to do a complete power down. X-(

Sure you could send the disk in and they would send you a new one, but after the second one did it to me, I was done with them.

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Three biggies

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

The first was hooking the cassette deck to my speech pathologist's TRS-80 while she was out of the office. This is when I was about 7.

Opened up a whole new world of opportunity both in therapy as well as games (the tape version of Taxi was fantastic).

After that, I'd say upgrading just about everything in an old IBM XT (or was it AT...regardless, you get the point) shell in order to get it to run Windows for Workgroups properly for a small office for which I worked. This happened in high school.

The third, and final one, was when I was just starting out in real IT work. A guy (Kevin Sudor was his name...hope he's doing well wherever he is) took me under his wing, and showed me how to build a server and get it configured per our clients' specs/needs. RAID controller there, Sentinel lock there...was interesting stuff.

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Ah, the cassettes

by jdclyde In reply to Three biggies

loved to play chess on the TRS80-II we had. Was cool when we went do the model III and had the hugeass floppy instead!

17 years ago, I was doing AUTOCAD on a 286. What a dog. On the complex pictures, it would be 5 minutes to refresh the screen, and 15 minutes to plot a drawing. We designed electronic dart games for a major vendor, so had a game in our office and would do a stack of drawings, and then cue them all to print at the same time and play a few games of darts while we waited.

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That would be designing, building and

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

interfacing a simple eprom burner to my sinclair spectrum and seeing it work.

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My first support experience and computer build

by Bill Buckley In reply to What was a landmark momen ...

I should have known I'd end up in IT...

Back in first grade we were being introduced to a program on a Mac LC 575 (or similar) computer. It was supposed to print but kept giving the teacher and us a hard time, and I randomly had the instinct to wiggle the cable and it worked. This may have set my future in place.

I think my "landmark moment" was not this however. In ninth grade (at the age of 14) I finally built my first PC. Granted, a local shop's tech put the processor into the motherboard and handled the thermal grease and front panel headers, but from there I did the rest. It worked beautifully!

It built my confidence, and as a result of my experiences I probably won't buy another name-brand desktop system for a long time (unless of course I'm purchasing for a client or future employer).

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