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What was everyone's first job that started your IT career?

By mLindvall ·
I'm a soon to be graduate, year and half left, with a MIS degree and I'm trying to think of jobs that would be avaiable when I graduate. I was also thinking about what is a good place to start in a company to be able to move up within the company.

So after looking at most of the people's job description on TechRepublic I was wondering where everyone started off your career and if you moved up from your starting position or if you started where you wanted to be.


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Telephone dude USMC

by njaneardude In reply to Once did an introductory ...

I was a outside plant telephone cable guy and teelphone installer. One day driving a "Ditch Witch" (trenching machine) laying cable for a token ring cable backbone (circa 1994-ish) I asked someone "Hey, whats this for anyway" and he replied "So a computer in this building can send a message to a computer in that building", I was amazed, had technology actually progressed this far?

When I got out of the Marines I saw a job for CAT 5 installers, CAT 5, I know I had seen that stuff somewhere, I think I can do that. Phone interview "What do you know about Windows 95?" Oh, plenty (never seen it). Called the computer folks on base "Do you have Windows 95", "Yes" So I go over and they give me a nickel tour, and I'm dizzy with all the dialogue. Get the job, doing moves, adds and changes and installs, work my way up the ladder.
Small company gave me a chance to put me behind the mouse and keyboard more and went from job to job until I make really good money doing hardly any work.


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I was paper shuffler

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Telephone dude USMC

with an interest in computers working at a small manufacturing unit. My interest got me the start in IT (1987), not a qualification to my name then or now.
There are those that are capable of learning and there are idiots who already know it all.

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Bloody Brilliant Tony!!!!!!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Once did an introductory ...

Can I use it?

Once when I worked for a Boss I went to a job and the Sys Admin told me that when he first meet me he thought that I was a know all Bar-steward but when he got to know me over the years he realized that I was was a Know All Bar-steward but the difference being that I did really know it all. Despite my protests that I certainly was no super computer tech he wouldn't have any of it his response was that so far over 5 years or so he had not been able to ask a question that I couldn't give him a fix for immediately well to him a 5 minute reply while I was thinking was immediate anyway. :^O

I didn't know weather to feel insulted or praised.

Then things got really bad and I had people ringing me from all over AU asking questions I spent so much time on the phone that I didn't actually see a new model for 3 weeks let alone get my hands dirty. Then Head Office started refereeing overseas calls to me as well that was when things got way out of hand I hated it being constantly on the spot so to speak. Even after I quit the company handed out my silent phone number to anyone that asked and treated me as an unpaid adviser. :)

With the rate that technology is moving I think I've now forgotten more that I'm able to learn in the time that I have left.

Col ]:)

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Be my guest

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Bloody Brilliant Tony!!!! ...

Feel sure I 'borrowed' it from somewhere anyway. Sounds like a Heinlein aphorism.

Do people who use you as a resource instead of thinking about it for approximately 30 seconds really annoy you as well?

The one I find really hard is someone asks you something and you don't know the answer. So they shrug and leave it! Whereas we just have to spend some time finding out because we don't like not knowing.

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Worse yet

by jdclyde In reply to Be my guest

are the people that don't LIKE the answer you gave them so they go talk to someone else that tells them the exact same thing.

The users don't seem to realize the geeks talk about them and we find it all out.

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by roblacy In reply to Worse yet

Very well said.!

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by Ldyosng In reply to Worse yet

The ones that stand behind you while you noodle around trying to figure it out, then wonder out loud if you know what you're doing. I tell them I learned my stuff by breaking more computers they have and having to figuring out how to fix 'em. Some folks actually get quiet and start trying to learn something at that point. Others just yell help every time they accidentally change their own Outlook settings.

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They nearly drive me insane

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Be my guest

But that isn't a hard thing to do either. I work with computers so by that very definition I'm Certifiable.

Currently I'm playing with some I Pod software as the guy who brought it has no idea and I constantly wondering how he gets into such a mess. I'm so interested in those things that I consider them a fashion icon rather than a piece of technology. Until this one I'd never really taken any interest in the things and while I still don't like them at all I'm getting quite good at loading and programing them now.

Latter today I'm delivering a PCMCIA TV/FM card so God only know what problems he will get himself into there. But at least I'm getting a lot more RAM into the thing so at least the NB will stand a chance of actually running something like right. :^O

Col ]:)

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totally agree!

by Tink! In reply to Be my guest

Doesn't matter if the person who asked doesn't care if they ever find the answer, I'm always on it til I, myself, know.

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You mean

by Ldyosng In reply to totally agree!

It's not just me! Are we all poster children for OCD, or what? I think that's, by definition, what makes for a good geek. We're too darned obsessive to quit before we find a solution.

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