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What was everyone's first job that started your IT career?

By mLindvall ·
I'm a soon to be graduate, year and half left, with a MIS degree and I'm trying to think of jobs that would be avaiable when I graduate. I was also thinking about what is a good place to start in a company to be able to move up within the company.

So after looking at most of the people's job description on TechRepublic I was wondering where everyone started off your career and if you moved up from your starting position or if you started where you wanted to be.


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Sales manager

by Oz_Media In reply to What was everyone's first ...

I started as a sales manager, after complaining about the computer network for a few weeks I was told that if I could improve the workflow, integrate software etc. to just go ahead and do it.

I did, then I left.

My next job was as a Business Development Manager, they too had network issues that I felt could be improved upon to make the workflow more seamless and effificent for the office. I was then reassigned as Network Admin (of course without losing my duties as BDM, funny how that happens).

After a year, company paid for me to take the Novell learning cruise, wrote my CNE and MCNE, done deal.

I had no intention of becoming a netadmin or gaining any certs, I had no INTEREST in it either. I had no experience, just a need for things to be changed and as they always say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Needless to say, I now do not do any network admin duties, as I have finally freed myself from that nightmare I took a year off to do my own thing and now am back as a BDM for another company.

I try not to plan too much, you will be wrong 99% of the time I find, I just take it day by day and do what I feel like doing as time goes on.

My 5 and 10 year plans include personal goals but not work related goals as to what I will be doing, especially not who I will be working with, I get bored of working for other people too fast and find myself working for myself most of the time.

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by Tink! In reply to What was everyone's first ...

Ok, I don't have any of the fancy schooling many u guys do, but I started working in the officeplace as a temp when I was in High school. That's where I learned I had a knack for computers and technology. I learned through experience, by problem solving.
My big break came when I started for a travel agency that didn't have any sort of IT dept. I was hired as an admin. asst., but soon they developed an IT dept for me. I was to make sure all the computers, printers, copiers etc. ran the way they were supposed to (including getting them thru y2K).
Then the office moved to a new building. I really learned alot from that. I had to move all the computers, install a brand new phone system, install network jacks, phone jacks and eventually a new network system too. (mind you i'd never done this before).
I'm no longer with that company, but presently in a same situation with my "new" company. Hired as office mgr/admin asst., but take care of all their IT.
I have a talent for learning on the job, literally. New problems present new learning opps.
I guess my success comes from working for companies that don't have big IT depts, therefore I AM their IT!
P.S. how many of u all are women?

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That's Tony with a Y

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

not Toni with an I.
The gurls are all on the 'Why are there no women in IT' thread.

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I figured u weren't

by Tink! In reply to That's Tony with a Y

lol. I figured u weren't a woman, Tony (with a Y)

I was just curious cuz all the women I've worked with seemed tech inept. Or they could handle one machine, but everything else wouldn't work for them.
Oh, and they don't like change. Once they get to know something, they don't want it to change cuz it would mean learning it all over again. ('Course I do know some men (husband) like that too.) =-)

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Women can make good techs

by mjd420nova In reply to I figured u weren't

But they do better software than hardware.

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Women do seem to be better at software..but

by shelli_2005 In reply to Women can make good techs

I am a woman and have been in IT officially since 1999.
Self taught hardware geek here actually.
How I got started in IT..1995..
After getting a home computer and going totally mad for it, I got "The Internet" was sooo cool!! I discovered mIRC and made some friends who talked about things like RAM,processors, drivers and networks.
The more I learned the more I wanted to know. I picked their brains, read books and surfed the internet until I could setup my neighbors new computers (yes I knew how to actually rtfm and follow color coding..I was considered a pc goddess lol!) fix minor hardware probs, add modems and such and troubleshoot Windows problems.
I still never even dreamed I would ever actually work with computers for MONEY tho..
At that time I was working in a shop in the mall. I figured out the POS system was just a Windows based computer..I could fix it when it locked up or rebooted and I could even follow the menus back to the actual sales screens!wooooo!! I could fix the printers and fax machines when they went gradually everyone started calling me and not the help desk since I usually answered. I eventually got in trouble when the help desk people found out that I was helping people with their system problems and I got "written up" (I look back and dont blame them, I coulda really mucked something up I supposed).
So I quit, took a couple of Microsoft classes and got my MCSE and CCNA.
These got me in the IT professions door.. and a job in a medium sized company as a network admin.

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Um, excuse me

by Ldyosng In reply to Women can make good techs

Speaking as a certified aircraft mechanic, you better hope you're wrong on that one!

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I worked with some very good ones

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I figured u weren't

and some very bad ones. %age wise I'd have to say the skill level was more in the fairer sex's favour, generally they have to prove themselves a lot more often than we do.

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It wasn't my intention....

by noemib In reply to I worked with some very g ...

to enter the computer tech world.
In 1983 I started working for a Chinese run company as an Accounts Recievable clerk. They had no IT department. Back then their "accounting software was DOS based and they decided to move to Windows for Workgroups. Low and behold no one could make head or tails of it and reading any manuals or reference books just baffled them even more, so it all got thrown on my desk.

With no formal training, I tackled the project successfully and throughout the years I can proudly say that I have managed to stay afloat and in competition. I don't have a degree, but my home looks like a geeks dream library come true! And you know what??? I LOVE IT!

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I always wanted to do computers

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It wasn't my intention... ...

No qualifications myself but a alot of effort and a useful break way back when.
There's more of us unqualified types about than we think.

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