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What was everyone's first job that started your IT career?

By mLindvall ·
I'm a soon to be graduate, year and half left, with a MIS degree and I'm trying to think of jobs that would be avaiable when I graduate. I was also thinking about what is a good place to start in a company to be able to move up within the company.

So after looking at most of the people's job description on TechRepublic I was wondering where everyone started off your career and if you moved up from your starting position or if you started where you wanted to be.


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by Ldyosng In reply to That's Tony with a Y

"I got better . . . ."

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No fancy school here either....

by computer_chick In reply to

Joined the US Navy and got 2 months of "school" learning mainframes. Did that for 5 years and became a computer operator in the private sector. Got tired of doing shift work for 24/7 operations and went to "business" school, one of those 2 year places where you pay a lot of money and get a diploma, not a degree. However, it was worth it for the fact that I learned about pc applications like WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3.

Got a job as an administrative assistant for the VP of a small family-owned company. They needed to upgrade their computer system and automate manufacturing and inventory processes at the same time, so I became their IT person aka the computer chick. I did everything dealing with computers and phones (thank god it didn't include copiers)and learned the hardware side of pc's by taking them apart and putting them back together.

After leaving there and doing another 1 woman IT shop thing, I now work for local government in an IT shop with 6 people - all women. 3 are data entry/QA, 1 network admin, 1 boss and me - business systems analyst officially. Help desk, trainer, project manager, documentation writer, and much more - unofficially.

I got Expert MOUS certs, but didn't really have an interest in the network/hardware certs. I've thought about getting a degree, but I haven't really decided what I want to be. Management doesn't appeal to me because I don't like whiners. Trainer/teacher is where I get the most satisfaction, so I'm leaning in that direction.

My advice to the original poster - find out what you like to do best. Do you like managing people, teaching people, don't like people at all and just want to deal with computers, whatever. Find the thing that makes you happy.

On the women in IT question - yes, we are few, but we are just as capable and varied as the men. My boss is a cutting edge of technology kind of person and the network admin is of the don't fix it if it ain't broke mindset. I go with the flow, resisting change until it's forced upon me and then I do what I have to do without too much kicking and screaming.

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Sounds about right

by Ldyosng In reply to

Trial by fire. That's how I've learned too, Tink. And yes, I am female. The deal was, something had to be done, and I was brave/foolish/niave enough to do it. And it's FUN. I love solving puzzles.

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by Tink! In reply to Sounds about right
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dat's wot I'm talkin' 'bout

by sonicbridge In reply to

Nor do they ever have big IT budgets, but they sure expect you to fix it or...... I'm also a pilot. I fly by the "seat of my pants" daily.

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You must be in one of the better

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to dat's wot I'm talkin' 'bo ...

Funded places where I've been all week we aren't allowed pants of any kind even if we buy them ourselves. :^O

Col ]:)

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by brj1980 In reply to What was everyone's first ...

In 2002 I Started as a level 1 tech intern in the I.T. department of the college I was attending. They only payed $7.75 p\hr. But they gave me experience with networking and Linux\Windows servers which was priceless. So after working for a year at $7.75 was well worth it.

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Once I started....

by mlayton In reply to What was everyone's first ...

I couldn't stop. Started as an Admin Asst in a department with no IT personnel. Found out I had a knack and lo these many years later (15 to be exact) I am managing a team of software developers. But in between moved up to Network Admin, to IT Manager, to IT Director for international telecom company, to security analyst, to whatever it took that meant I was still learning. If you are not learning something new every day, you ought to be dead. :-)

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once upon a time circa 1969

by lancedixon In reply to What was everyone's first ...

Melbourne Australia.
Company, Herald & Weekly Times.
Function, Programmer + Sys Op.
Machines : IBM 1401/1440
yes - the era of the 80 column punched card, flow charts, hand written Autocoder source decks then object decks, then data testing, then a 'Live Run'. Average time for a certified 'working' program = about 6 months. Training was done at the local IBM service centre ( 2 weeks! ) then in the deep end. The computer room was air-conditioned 'hallowed ground' Entry was frowned upon. we finally moved to an IBM 360 system around 1972- what a long weird dream it's been.

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Work Study

by Psyjack In reply to What was everyone's first ...

I got onto the student IT team at the college I attended while learning this computer stuff. I worked my way up from a peon to the manager of the 12 buildings on campus, plus dorms.

4 years and a lot of headache medicine later, plus the extra time and money for certs, I knew I had chosen the right field when I got selected for the IT job of my dreams.

The head of the IT department recommended me to one of his friends, and I was chosen to head the IT department for a medical billing company

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