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What was the first management lesson you learned?

By Toni Bowers ·
Most of the time, learning management is a trial by fire, with the hardest lessons being those that result from mistakes. What was the first lesson you learned in a management role?

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My first lesson....

by gworsley In reply to What was the first manage ...

For me, the first lesson I learnt - it was a small company - was to show that you were prepared to chip-in to help out when required, later that morphed into never ask anyone to do a job that you wouldn't be prepared to do and then later never ask anyone to do personal favours... get lunch, pick up a sandwich or cleaning....

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My First lesson was...

by calithor In reply to My first lesson....

That was my second lesson...the first was it is difficult to to be friends with someone you also keep the lines clearly and professionallydrawn

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Allocation Structure of Gross Project Revenue

by albonforbes In reply to What was the first manage ...

When a divisional allocation structure of gross project revenue is predetermined, a set formula for financial goals can be clearly identified in simplified spreadheet applications.

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My First Lesson....

by daytech In reply to Allocation Structure of G ...

K.I.S.S.===> Keep It Simple....well, you know the rest.

Loved your post.

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by rob.easton In reply to Allocation Structure of G ...

Did anyone else see the humor in this? Or do I just see funny all over the place??

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Management rule 14B (humourous)

by Brian.Walters2@btinternet In reply to Humor

Allocate the hardest job to the laziest person in the team .... they'll find the easiest way to do it!

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by albonforbes In reply to Management rule 14B (humo ...

For the TECH hotshots probably employed in mega corporations, who thought my submission was humourous. Try running a small business in a small Developing Caribbean Country. being the boss, salesman, delivery of services, accounts, banking, etc with wife and kid. The first lesson comes at you really hard without "ALLOCATIONS" as a priority. No Offence meant or taken.

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I learned

by hrmanager In reply to Management rule 14B (humo ...

Keep the good workers close and the slackers closer

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by artytech In reply to Allocation Structure of G ... stuff rolls down

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The first lesson I learnt

by merakli In reply to What was the first manage ...

The first important lesson I learnt as an IT manager coming from a technical background was that: Dealing with people is far more difficult than dealing with technology itself.

Later in my career I also realized something very, very important:

"A manager is always alone."

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