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What was your first computer?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
This week's TechRepublic poll asks, "What was the first computer you owned?

- Apple/Mac
- IBM-compatible PC
- Other"

Let's hear the details on your first computer:

What model was it?
Where did you buy it?
How much did it cost?
What kind of stuff did you do with it?
How long did you have it?
What did you eventually replace it with?

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It started out floppy

by maecuff In reply to How much memory did it ha ...

But eventually became hard. The model name is Anterior Fontanel.

The memory started out good, but it starts getting spotty after 40 years of use. Fortunately, it has a 'selective memory' feature, which helps me win arguments with my husband.

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TS 1000

by frankmv In reply to Other

My first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 1000...that lovable little black wedge that held all of 2K RAM! I got it for $35 at K-Mart and I had a ball with it. The screen was unique in that it was a plastic membrane placed over the CPU, and each key had no less than 5 (yes, five) functions. Its language was Basic, and it came without a monitor (you hooked it up to your TV), disk drive, or printer.

I immediately bought a 16K RAM expansion module, a tape drive, and a small thermal printer for it. Total outlay for the peripherals, $120+...but I had a computer!

What was so ironic was that I was working on an IBM System 38 at the time, and I literally tried to construct programs on my TS 1000 that mimiced those I wrote in RPG on the S38...needless to say, I was not too successful - but I had fun trying!

I later graduated to a Commodore 64, then a 128, and finally a Mac.

Today...fuhgedabodit...I have several machines, including laptops, across different platforms (XP, Linux, and Mac).

Ahhh...for the good ol' days...


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Sounds like my own background

by RoyKendrick In reply to TS 1000

I too started with Sinclair (and still have a Timex version with original box + most of the accessories), graduated to the VIC-20 and a C64 and still have a couple, also a Coleco Adam (the "family computer"), finally several with OS of Windows 3.1,95,98SE and now XP (along with Lindows version of Linux, and an Apple PowerPC. Never used anything from RadioShack. Played with a Pong in the beginning but never owned one.

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TI 99/4A

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What was your first compu ...

I think my Texas Instruments 99/4A ran me about $900 in 1982. A business professor was an authorized retailer. I did some BASIC programming and ran a few games. The version of Space Invaders is still one of the best. I think I ditched it after about five years when I got a job that allowed me to work on more capable machines. I didn't replace it immediately, but it's eventual successor was a Hyundai 486/66 with Windows 3.1.

I recall when TI was getting out of the PC business and marked the systems down to about $100. Another company was offering fat discounts of several hundred dollars if you traded yin for their new one. People were buying 99/4A's for $100 and trading them in still in the box.

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TI 99/4A

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to TI 99/4A

The TI 99/4a was my first computer as well. I was one of the ones who got it at $99 right before TI quit making it. The base machine wasn't useful for very much. You needed the big expansion box to do any useful work with it.

I wrote a few BASIC programs for it, but that's about it. It was too limited. It's long lost and gone now.

My first REAL computer was an original Tandy 1000. I still have it and it works great.

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TI 99/4A

by dhays In reply to TI 99/4A

Our first was the TI 99/4A , in fact we still have it and my Father-in-law still has two in the box unopened! I ran some basic programs, ran some games, never did spring for the floppy drive unit (as my FIL did), just used the cassette tape interface. We eventually replaced it with a Packard Bell 386SX-16, then with an HP P-90, now with an HP MCPC. Amazing how things have changed over the last twenty years or so. You can now buy a handheld calculator that would run circles around the TI 99/4A, in fact they probably would put the 386 to shame as well!
We had some of those IBM compatibles with no hard drive at work, some later models with a 10 M hard drive...

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TI 44a again

by bcjinsantafe In reply to TI 99/4A

As i recall, I went to a showing of a condominium in Albuquerque, N.M., and in exchange for taking the tour with a half trained blowhard, i got the computer. It was just the consol. I had to hook it up to a tv, add a portable tape deck and type in all my programs in Basic (not even DOS). I recall it had something like 8K of memory built in. I didnt get the expansion box and eventually gave it to a church school after trying to remove some of the words i had put into a game of spy (guess the right letters in a word in so many tries) just to get rid of the thing. I dont recall when that was, but must have been about that time. My next was a 286 with all the bells and whistles, like a monitor, a 20K hard drive, 5 1/4 floppy and some ability to be modified.

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by jdclyde In reply to What was your first compu ...

Quickly upgraded to the model II and then the modle III.

Radio Shack of course! (anyone remember the Superman comic where he breaths in powered kryptonite and so the two kids on their TRS-80's save the day by making calculations for him? I bet I still have that! )

What did I[b} do with it? Played chess and king tutts tomb. (remember the charcter based descriptions, and you just had commands move, eat, drop, search..... ?

The parents were into computers, so that is why we had them. Both were programmers, and I used to get boxes of cool cards to draw on all the time! (keypunch) B-)

We then upgraded to a 386sx33 and MAN did that scream! (built).
486 then to the P150. (just found the 486 in the basement the other day!)


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Me Too!

by IT cowgirl In reply to TRS-80

That was a great experience when I got a TRS-80. Those 8" floppies were so cool.

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Mod I, Level 1 or Level 2?

by deepsand In reply to TRS-80

I bought the Mod I, Levels 1 and 2, used the II, III, IV, 12 and 16, then bought a 4P and a 1000-A, both of which I still use.

Backgammon on the Mod I was a family favorite.

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