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What was your first computer?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
This week's TechRepublic poll asks, "What was the first computer you owned?

- Apple/Mac
- IBM-compatible PC
- Other"

Let's hear the details on your first computer:

What model was it?
Where did you buy it?
How much did it cost?
What kind of stuff did you do with it?
How long did you have it?
What did you eventually replace it with?

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TRS-80 Model I 4k mem

by InquiredResults In reply to TRS-80

Only had it for three months and took a soldering iron to it. Added Level 2 bios on top of Level 1 with a toggle switch. Added 16k mem(maxed out at the time). Overclocked the processor to 1.2M and doubled the storage speed of the cassette player. Wrote a book keeping program for it and used it for my taxes. Want to trash a computer board today? Touch it with a soldering iron. Next computer?... S100 bus with fortran. You should have seen the hard drive on that!

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Ahhhh memories

by dkspivey In reply to TRS-80

Wow! Now this brings back memories. I got my TRS-80 for Christmas when I was 10 or 12. I also received a subscription to a magazine that had code listings for all these great games that you could create with the TRS-80 Color computer or a C-64.

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Started my hacking career on a TRS-80

by RayJeff In reply to TRS-80 MIDDLE SCHOOL!?!!? Me and a few friends of mine would be in the computer lab alot playing that most wonderful of games, "Lemonande Stand". We'd be in the lab all the time at recess playing it. I don't know, for whatever reason, the teacher who was in charge of the computer lab (who would become my 7th grade science teacher) would allow one of my friends to load the programs from the server onto the network to load onto the other computers. I'm assuming that it was a client-server network because there was an TRS-80 that the had the big *** 8.5 floppy drive and all of the programs that would be used by the other TRS-80s would be accessed after the floppy was loaded. Anywoo, because my friend had access to the server and the programs, he load Lemonade Stand for whoever wanted to play it. And I know how, but I picked it up on how he did it and sometimes we would take turns loading games...until I asked the teacher "officially" if I could do it.

I had my Tandy Color Computer II at the time, but I didn't have a floppy drive, I had the tape recorder. Needless to say......I have my friend to think for the path I'm on today...kinda reminiscent of Robert Redford & Ben Kingsley in of my favorite movies *ROFL*

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8.5" floppy or more of a vinyl record? Yeah, things were huge back then

by ManiacMan In reply to Started my hacking career ...

I still remember using some of those old 8.5" inch disks as frisbees when they'd go bad.

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Mine had a Cassette Player for storage

by tomapot In reply to TRS-80

I'm not sure what model I had, but there was no hard drive. I'm thinking of digging through my parents basement to dig it out.
Does anyone remember Dancing Demon?
We upgraded to an IBM PCjr.

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Cassette storage

by oldmaven In reply to Mine had a Cassette Playe ...

Early on, when floppies were exotic and hard drives unthinkable for home budgets, many computer makers offered modem-like analog output for recording on everyday cassette recorders. Formats proliferated, until finally a group of manufacturers agreed to something called the Kansas City Standard.

There was also at least one cassette portable that had a digital input (serial, I think); presumably it had a A/D converter and put analog signals on the tape. I had one.

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I rember using those back in HS. We called them the Trash 80 :^0

by ManiacMan In reply to TRS-80

That thing was located in the library and had nothing but problems constantly. It also didn't help when some malicious students were constantly infecting the machine with boot sector viruses.

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Heck, I used to Sell TRS-80s

by robo_dev In reply to TRS-80

Til I got fired, but that's another story...

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I'm sorry to hear that :-( At least they made good paper weights :^0

by ManiacMan In reply to Heck, I used to Sell TRS- ...

That's about the only good thing that came out of using them.

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Commodore 128

by jdmercha In reply to What was your first compu ...

Cost me about $600, I think. I added an external floppy drive and monitor for another $300 or so. I also had a thermal printer with it. All from Sears. Basically only used it for games but I played a little with basic.

Eventually I replaced it with an IBM PS/2 486SX, also from Sears, for about $2100.

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