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"What Were They Thinking?" Answer Award

By BFilmFan ·
A new award which I think should be granted to those technical questions which are deserving of the answer which they recieve.

My submission for the week is:

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Pirated XP :-)

by Oz_Media In reply to It is part in how they ar ...

First of all, considering FREE open source options, WHY would anyone possibly need to pirate a copy of XP?

It just boggles the mind what people will do to steal something, it's like breaking in to a Portable-toilet, what do you get out of it but a big bucket of...?

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Used to see it all the time

by jdclyde In reply to Pirated XP :-)

Worked in a shop building pool tables (valleys). People would hide screws or paint or whatever in their lunch box or stuff them down their pants. I would laugh in their face, walk over to a foreman and ask (in front of the thief) if I could have some paint for something I was working on at home. They would say "sure thing" and sometimes even had the thief get it for me because it was something they used for their job.

Way too funny. Never steal what someone will give you. Or in this case, never steal when you can get something more reliable for free.

I figured someone would like the XP ref.

So, where do I get my bucket of $hit, I mean XP copy?

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Free O/S

by MCS-1 In reply to Pirated XP :-)

You're right. I was recently showing a friend how easy it is to get running with Linux. We dropped the boot Knoppix (latest release) into his computer, powered on, and he was online within minutes.
He was amazed that he had a barrage of applications and utilities, and even some games, to play with .... right off a single boot CD.
I think he's gonna convert instead of upgrade when Longhorn hits the shelves.
And on that note - I think I'm gonna start a new discussion ...

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WHEN longhorn hits shelves?

by jdclyde In reply to Free O/S

Don't you mean IF longhorn hits the shelves?

Yes, I am sure that is what you meant.

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What Burns My A$$

by MCS-1 In reply to Hey he's got a point

"This guy signed up and has done NOTHING but ask two questions, no help or answers..."

On this note .... I really hate when I see stuff in Q&A or in the discussion area like

"i'm just new to this job and trying to figure out how many MIPS my customer's CPU has because ...."

Obviously this is somebody trying to get a quick answer on homework or an assignment. I've been working on computers for 15-20 years and have never cared how many instructions per second anything has. And what really baffles me is ... if the person was just to post that, saying "I'm doing an assignment and wondering ...", I'm sure lots of people in here would be willing to discuss this stuff until the person couldn't read any more.

Sorry ... needed a chest unload :)

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Holy crap, that's GREAT!!!

by mrafrohead In reply to "What Were They Thinking? ...

So since he can do it, I would like license keys to...

and ...

and ...

Oh wait, that's a one way ticket to a federal pound me in the arse prison..

Ummmm, never mind... ;p

What a dumba55...

BTW - my start to this thing: I was really only joking. I just find this humourous.

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Just like the GMail thread

by Oz_Media In reply to Holy crap, that's GREAT!! ...

XP Keys to give away, just post your email address and I'll send a key!

Woohoo, look at all the people!

Then again, like I said before. Why break into a Portable-toilet, you get in and it's just a bucket of....?

Linux is free and better than XP for most use (especially as a home user) then why crack into garbage?

Gotta go steal me a moped from that store that gives away Jaguars.

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no no no no no no

by Jaqui In reply to Just like the GMail threa ...

steal a handicapped scooter from the jaguar store.

get the ratio right.

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They have value

by Oz_Media In reply to no no no no no no

I was looking for something real cheap and pretty much useless in North America.

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by mrafrohead In reply to They have value

Get an "amcol" then... ;p

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