What will happen to windows rc when microsoft send it to the market

By captain zed ·
Hi folks,

I am a regular blogger and the particular forum i subscribe has a lot of people have downloaded W7. All in all it appears to be a great successor to vista, i.e its more powerful, faster, graphics are improved etc.
What i would like to know is....if i download the new W7 RC to my pc what will happen when microsoft decides to send the software to the market and everybody then has to pay for it.
Will this download just take up space, or will it be the basis for an upgrade to the full version, at a reduced rate or some other offer.
At the moment i have vista which, up until i downloaded IE8 was doing fine. Will microsoft offer a bargain to vista owners who think they have a failed product on their hands.
There is a lot of speculation at the moment. I will probably try W7 but not just yet.

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Interesting, Very interesting indeed

by captain zed In reply to RC Versions and Upgrades

I hadnt thought that far ahead. It never occured to me that the pc just wouldnt run after the RC candidate expires.Although most people i know who downloaded the W7 RC have set their systems up in a dual system manner to accomodate having both Vista and windows 7 at the same time. This is probably the route i will take. I think its nasty to offer a download which would shut your pc down when the RC expires...nasty little ms

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Sequence of Events

by TheChas In reply to Interesting, Very interes ...

Well, in a dual boot system, the Vista or XP installation should still run fine. Even after the Windows 7 RC expires.

My understanding of the sequence of events with the RC is as follows:

About 2 months before the RC expires, you will get periodic warning notices that the software will expire.

As you get closer to the cut off date, the warnings come even closer.

On the cut off date, your Windows 7 RC will run for not more than 2 hours and then shut down.

Not sure of the timing, but at some point, Windows 7 RC will act just like any non-activated Windows and not let you boot up.

Just read a blurb that Best Buy (in the US) is planning to "pre-sell" Windows 7 Home upgrades for $50 this summer. You will not get your copy until it is released in October.


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Thanks to all

by captain zed In reply to Sequence of Events

Thanks to all who replied... i suppose i will have to try the Beta Windows to find out what all the commotion is about....i will probably try and do a dual boot set up though just to be safe....i suppose though, its a bit much to expect a reduced rate for Vista users when the market version is released.
Thanks again.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Thanks to all

to back up all your data before hand...all my data was backed up onto a formatted xp drive before we loaded a clean install of win7...and when the clock starts to tick down, we'll have to back everything up on this hdd and move it all back over to my xp install

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