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What will you do/get for System Administrator's Day this Friday?

By vanessaj ·
That's right...according to

this Friday, July 28th is the seventh annual System Administrator's Day. I suppose I missed it last year.

So my question is this...

What do you expect to get or do with respect of this all important day? Are you, in your clients' eyes more of "The King of All That Is Technical" where everybody knows your name...or more of a "stealth technician" where things seem to fix themselves as if by magic - and nobody knows that you were even there?

And how have you been rewarded in the past for your indentured servitude?

Edited to add: and what's your wish list?

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Yet another day we don't get here....

by gadgetgirl In reply to What will you do/get for ...

This type of thing is unknown in the UK.

We just work. Mostly without any form of recognition, but we work anyways!!

Being in security, I hardly ever get a thank you, and certainly not in the position I'm in at the moment. Only one person has actually stopped by my office to thank me in here.

Last job was slightly different: there, I was in charge of putting out virus alerts too (not allowed here (?) takes up too much storage.....)and was notorious insofar as my alerts for home users went most of the way across the north east of England! There, I'd get emails from directors, thanking me for the heads up for their kids and family.

Ah, the good old days.

Don't expect any recognition here, just more excrement to hit the oscillator.

Yup, it's one of those days, folks!


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Do you think there is a relationship

by j.lupo In reply to Yet another day we don't ...

between the type of job we do in IT and the recognition given by a company or is it just a cultural issue?

When I worked for the US branch of a software company, we would get 2 weeks vacation a year, while the home office would get the month of July and 4 weeks, even for new employees. The company home office was in Sweden. I noticed holidays were handled differently also.

Just curious. Thanks

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From here it looks cultural

by gadgetgirl In reply to Do you think there is a r ...

besides that, we work our holidays and sick days different to yours.

Our difference is mainly between public and private sector, and MNE's and SME's.

Worked in local Government and got an extra 2.5 days of per year, public sector. Still in public sector, lost the 2.5 days, and lost long service accrual too, putting me back to 27 days per year, four days of which are allocated to Xmas shutdown, leaving me 23. Hmmmph. Was on 31.5. Wrong move!

MNE's seem to give more leave, may be because they can afford to? Average 8 days difference between them and SME's over here.

Due to our employment laws, and the integration of HRA from the EU, they couldn't differentiate between "ordinary" employees, and IT ones in the first place.


Excuse any garble - brain toasted in heat

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What is MNE and SME?

by j.lupo In reply to From here it looks cultur ...

SME is subject matter expert I had learned. I haven't heard of MNE to my knowledge.

Here at least from my experience you are either exempt or non-exempt employee. You are the same for contractors. Contractors work only the billable hours allowed by the client and get paid for such. Salaried employees work what they have to which can be in excess of 40 hours a week.

If you are IT or not, isn't recognized. If you are police, hospital, or similar then they look at the exempt versus non-exempt with regards to holidays.

Now there are others who are more familiar then I am with the work laws here in the US. I am speaking only from my own experiences. I have worked in public and private sectors. I have also worked government jobs. The government does have great benefits, but the work can also get kind of tedious after awhile with little career growth.

The federal holidays, I think there are 13 on our calendar, are recognizd by government only. Most public and private businesses have their own calendar - Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, Thanksgiving. Sometimes not even that many.

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you had to ask didn't you..

by Jaqui In reply to What is MNE and SME?

Moldy Network Engineer MNE
Seriously Moldy Engineer SME


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by JamesRL In reply to you had to ask didn't you ...

In the BA world an SME is a Subject Matter Expert. They can be moldy, or perhaps sometimes a bit crusty.


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If it helps GG

by jdclyde In reply to Yet another day we don't ...

WE recognise and appreciate you!

I can understand your current position not being as well liked by others, just like no one speeding down the highway likes to see a cop.

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Thanks, Babz!

by gadgetgirl In reply to If it helps GG

The cop correlation has been made before, but I was told I was more like a member of the Fraud Squad, with overtones of The Sweeney! (Ask NITS if that one is lost on you!)

Now, if you're still in that nice cool office of yours, would you PLEASE just reach through the screen and put your nice cool hand on my ..... back? I'm roasted!


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Drinking lots of water?

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks, Babz! :x

With all that heat, I am sure many of Tigs and James recommendations would apply to keeping yourself hydrated. I hope you at least got yourself a fan to move the air around?

A tip to cool down. Get a spray bottle that can spray a VERY fine mist. Squirt a few into the air, walk through it, then get in front of your fan. Gets a little moisture on you without getting wet. (with water) ]:)

Would you believe I had to turn on my space heater this morning because I got cold? Not helping, huh?

NITS! Where ARE you? you would not believe how many of the searches come up for REAL fraud, instead of the show. Came up with the TVguide site on it, but it just says it is a cop show and not much else. Need get this put into context?

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How do you pronounce UK?

by Bergy In reply to Yet another day we don't ...

Is it "You Kay" or "Uck"? I've never asked anyone from the UK this before. Are you talking of any sort of job recognition being unknown in the UK or just the special days?

We have Administrative Assistants Day over here and I am sure there are others that are business related. The US card company industry is really driven to create these days to sell more cards, I believe.

I hope you had a chance to celebrate anyway!!

God bless you in your work over there across the pond.

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