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What will you do/get for System Administrator's Day this Friday?

By vanessaj ·
That's right...according to

this Friday, July 28th is the seventh annual System Administrator's Day. I suppose I missed it last year.

So my question is this...

What do you expect to get or do with respect of this all important day? Are you, in your clients' eyes more of "The King of All That Is Technical" where everybody knows your name...or more of a "stealth technician" where things seem to fix themselves as if by magic - and nobody knows that you were even there?

And how have you been rewarded in the past for your indentured servitude?

Edited to add: and what's your wish list?

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Most likely, I'll get...

by jck In reply to What will you do/get for ...

absolutely nothing.

My title is "senior programmer", so they'll base it on that.

Of course, I don't see the SysAdmin getting much either. He's on vacation.

What's my wish list? OH BOY!! I want:

- The solitary winning lotto ticket for the FL Lotto on Saturday
- Dual citizenship in Ireland
- Tickets to see Crosby Stills Nash and Young perform while they're all still alive
- A bottle of Pepto
- A baby chimpanzee
- 10,000,000 shares of Guinness stock (so I'd own the beer, anyone? )
- Chairmanship of the English Football Association
- World Peace (amen...)

As for how I've been rewarded in the my last job, not thank you when I left from the manager who showed up once a month from NC...job before that, never because my boss there we called "The Anti-Christ" (one girl who was Norwegian used their word for "Demon"). His idea of rewarding you was letting you go home when you were deathly ill.

My current boss is really cool, other than modifying my projects and their filenames when he deploys new versions without telling me.

Yeehaw...I'm IT...and I'm underpaid. woo.....hoo.

Happy System Administrator's Day to you all who do it. Hope you have it nicer than me.

(Is my frustration showing yet with being overworked?? )

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Wish list

by Rob Groh In reply to Most likely, I'll get...

c'mon up to Columbus, OH next month. CNSY is performing at the Germaine Ampitheater and I got mine! Crosby Stills Nash and Young on the lawn under the stars. In the rain probably...

"If you smile at me, I will understand, 'cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language..."

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oh how I wish

by jck In reply to Wish list

Really wish I could come...

However, I am caught in the middle of trying to get my house finished so I can sell it, plus I'm in the last 50 days of a new billing system implementation and I can't even leave town on weekends.

Sounds great though...I saw James Taylor in an amphitheatre on a starry June night once...was phenomenal...

Oh well...thanks for the suggestion. Much appreciated.

Back to work for me now...

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Nothing, most likely

by Maevinn In reply to What will you do/get for ...

But that's because I'm new in my current job, though stillworking my old job, just remotely. So, no gifts. Not sure if my current position will warrant much, although I suspect awards and pretty words will be common for a job well done. In my previous position, everyone knew who I was and was happy with me when things were working and blamed me completely when anything was wrong, even when the problem was between keyboard and chair. Eh, so it goes.

Wish list? A job where I'm not cleaning up the crap from the sloppy bloke who filled the chair before me.

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We call that a "debkac" error

by vanessaj In reply to Nothing, most likely

Dumb Error Between Keyboard And Chair - the clients always just think it's some elusive computer error and never even ask what it means.

And I know what you and jck (and the others) mean about getting company is a team of techs that are the outsourced administrators for hundreds of clients' systems. And if there were any tactful way of letting out clients know - other than phoning the New York Times - I would. But I believe it will come and go unnoticed.

My wish list is probably similar to yours: For clients to learn to reboot BEFORE calling me. Not too much to ask, I don't think, but a pipedream just the same.

Oh, and maybe an evening at the Met, with orchestra seats, to see Turandot.

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I havent heard that one before

by w2ktechman In reply to We call that a "debkac" e ...

But I like it, thanks Vanessa

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We create new and interesting

by vanessaj In reply to I havent heard that one b ...

ways of staying sane around here all the time. It's really just a gentler way of explaining (to the other techs) that there really was no issue at all to begin with, without hurting any of the client's feelings.

After all, we are all learning...all the time, aren't we?

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by w2ktechman In reply to We create new and interes ...

but I usually just tell them that it was a Windows problem, or that it should be the way that they thought it was.
I like that particular error, since too many people know about ID10T, keyboard nut, etc.

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I wish...

by Maevinn In reply to We call that a "debkac" e ...

I guess that covers it, but for the most part, it's not my users. I have low expectations for my users, and they usually live up to them. It's the IT person who had the job before me that I'm most frustrated over. :) Evil, I know, but somehow I expect my fellow professionals to do a better job, particularly when it comes to building a database or providing documentation!

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That is too often

by w2ktechman In reply to I wish...

overlooked in a small shop with a few busy techs. Or not soo busy techs.
Of course documentation lacks in many situations. But many techs will not do it without their manager to force them too.

So partially, you should be upset at the management that allowed the issue in the first place.

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