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What will you do/get for System Administrator's Day this Friday?

By vanessaj ·
That's right...according to

this Friday, July 28th is the seventh annual System Administrator's Day. I suppose I missed it last year.

So my question is this...

What do you expect to get or do with respect of this all important day? Are you, in your clients' eyes more of "The King of All That Is Technical" where everybody knows your name...or more of a "stealth technician" where things seem to fix themselves as if by magic - and nobody knows that you were even there?

And how have you been rewarded in the past for your indentured servitude?

Edited to add: and what's your wish list?

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And that's where the type of manager matters!

by Maevinn In reply to That is too often

Non-technical managers don't know to expect and require documentation, or really even where to look to see if it exists within the code.

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it goes up the chain

by w2ktechman In reply to And that's where the type ...

Even if that manager didnt know to document, his manager should have. It is an enforcement problem mainly. Every important process in businesses need to be documented, and checked for changes periodically. That is good practice.
The rule is that it needs to be documented well enough that if you and your team leave for any reason, that someone can step in and perform regular duties in the same way.

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If there had been any IT types higher on the chain

by Maevinn In reply to it goes up the chain

I'd say yes. But, when you're the entire IT department, and the person in the job previously was self taught, there really wasn't anyone to say 'Gee, shouldn't this be written down someplace?'. Do they know NOW that they should always ask for documentation? Yes! But it was a lesson learned, not forgotten.

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I would agree...

by noyoki In reply to it goes up the chain

In a larger business setting. In a smaller business setting, the managers expect you will be around forever, and even on your sick/vacation days. (I don't think I've had one day out, where they haven't called me and I've not either gone into the office, or remoted into a computer...)

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Yes, and don't you hate it when that happens...

by vanessaj In reply to I wish...

I'm with the techman, the way an office is run primarily filters down from the top. Although it is easier to blame someone who is not there any longer than a manager or boss. Who knows, maybe that's why they got rid of the other guy and hired you? They were looking for a tech that worked more professionally. But you'll straighten it all out, I'm sure.

As for the users, and this may be unkind, but I try to NOT jump right away when they call. Often, if I give them a little time to figure it out for themselves, they do. Sometimes I tell them I will be by hours later and give them a suggestion like rebooting or checking something and they usually rise to the occassion, not always - sometimes it is a real issue that I am needed to solve. Either way I know I'm not rushing around spinning wheels for those unable or afraid to take even the smallest iota of initiative or responsibility with their own workstation. IMHO-FWIW (for what it's worth).

Edited for spelling & grammer.

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Sometimes I do too

by w2ktechman In reply to Yes, and don't you hate i ...

because everyone knows that we are busy. And there are some people that call so often we celebrate days that they do not call. But, since I provide executive style support to 1 department, we usually need to respond quickly. So often it is delayed only when it is a non-necessity to get the system working right.

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by Mr. Database In reply to We call that a "debkac" e ...

Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

I, too, wish users would learn to reboot BEFORE calling the help desk and to write down the complete error message(s). Yes, certainly a pipedream!

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Carnac the Magnificent

by Maevinn In reply to "PEBCAK"

For those users that refuse to make note of error messages, I walk up holding an envelope up to my forehead and 'predict' the error message.

Okay, so I don't really do that, but only because I haven't found a brightly colored turban sporting a huge feather to wear along with the gag.

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Okay, now that one made me laugh out loud

by vanessaj In reply to Carnac the Magnificent

and of course everyone in the office is staring at me again. Just glad I'm not at a client. And you have SO got to get you one of those turbans!

Happy tomorrow.

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I'm on the look out...

by Maevinn In reply to Okay, now that one made m ...

You'd be shocked how few places sell turbans! My search continues...

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