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What will you do/get for System Administrator's Day this Friday?

By vanessaj ·
That's right...according to

this Friday, July 28th is the seventh annual System Administrator's Day. I suppose I missed it last year.

So my question is this...

What do you expect to get or do with respect of this all important day? Are you, in your clients' eyes more of "The King of All That Is Technical" where everybody knows your name...or more of a "stealth technician" where things seem to fix themselves as if by magic - and nobody knows that you were even there?

And how have you been rewarded in the past for your indentured servitude?

Edited to add: and what's your wish list?

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I can imagine they would be scarce in CA...

by vanessaj In reply to I'm on the look out...

if I took the time to look, I'm afraid I might really find one somewhere here, in NY.

Happy SA day today!

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by Jaqui In reply to What will you do/get for ...

a good swift kick in the a$$ets is wqhat I wouild give them
specially if they have ever tried to get ms crapware into the system. ]:)

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I may be a manager but....

by JamesRL In reply to What will you do/get for ...

I actually still manage one server...

Its our Sharepoint server and it was a skunkworks project. My techie turned sharepoint on, and I launched the sites, setup the users and do the admin.

I can't believe how many people call even though I send them their passwords by email(it doesn't have to be super secure). They'd rather me do a password reset than scan their inbox.

I get no respect.


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Nothing here.

by kylegeldmaker In reply to I may be a manager but... ...

I am about two months into this position. My official title is SPC Coordinator, but everyone calls me the sys admin. So.... since I am only de facto recognized and "new" I can more than likely expect nothing.

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Oh, man, you sound like Dangerfield

by vanessaj In reply to I may be a manager but... ...

...and there are a lot more of us out here who can relate to that. That totally sucks, I know. You're not alone. Maybe, just for this week, you should make everyone's password "FriIsSysAdminDayAppreciateMe".

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there exists

by JamesRL In reply to Oh, man, you sound like D ...

software that is web acessable to help users reset their passwords automatically - we use it in our major systems, but its too much for my little server and only 200 users.


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Lol, Users are ...

by noyoki In reply to there exists
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you have to admit, though, that sometimes

by vanessaj In reply to Lol, Users are ...

we spoil them because we give them no reason to ever have to solve even the smallest, logical issues themselves. And sometimes they are just so busy whatever they are trying to accomplish on their own jobs that doing our jobs (fixing the tech end) is way down on their lists. They really just want that contract to get out, etc., you know?

And of course, some of them are lazy.

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Be away from work

by kruegerc In reply to What will you do/get for ...

I will be on a family camping trip. I will not answer any tecnological questions and the most high tech thing I may do it put bread in the toaster.
In other words I'll give my brain a break so I can some back and be the "Geek Goddess" everyone says I am. (In reality I know it's just my ability to learn from my mistakes and be willing to help others fix the mistakes they make.)
My reward is happy customers who trust I can help them.

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SysAdmin - get absolutly nothing

by cadman53114 In reply to What will you do/get for ...

My career started out as a Mechanical Engineer. Each company I have been with has either had no IT staff or as is normal, IT staff that is unfamiliar with the quirks that CAD/CAM software pose on workstations and network resources. Little things, like every time updated drivers come out for your large format plotter you have to reconfigure all the plotter configurations for all sheet sizes you use in AutoCAD. Install a new CAD update.... most IT personal a unaware of the demonds that lurk when you just install at will. Each place I have been it has always come down to "we're having trouble with the plotters, can you look at it". Then I end up in my second career path once again. Only I am considered a "mecahnical engineer" and product design comes first and I must to the IT "when I have time". Which means after hours, on weekends. I have two jobs with only the benefits of one.

So.... System Administrators day..... it is a nice thought..... but no one really cares..... until something doesn't work.

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