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What wiped out the dinosaurs?

By cp7212 ·
Maxwell has me going now. Something obviously just sum-totalled the dinosaurs. There are many hypotheses. Many people say theories, but theories have to be proven. I don't really have an idea, but I'd like to kick it around to see what everyone else thinks.

Or for that matter, were the dinosaurs wiped out on a global scale? Is it possible for something to happen globally? It seems from some posts, people don't think so. Could the Earth have been made uninhabitable for the larger animals? Remember, nature is a mother......

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End of a species

by mjd420nova In reply to Martians

What ever caused their deaths was also coincided
with a layer of a certain radio-isotope and ash
found throughout the world.. 65 Million years

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I reckon

by Neil Higgins In reply to End of a species

the smallest dinosaur was Doyouthinkhesawus,or his close cousin Didheseeus.What ever happened,they aint as cool as the ipod Nano!

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They're not extinct

by Dr Dij In reply to End of a species

tuataras still live on island off New Zealand, they are one of few dinos left.

the impact crater was found to be at north end of Yucatan penisula, 150 miles wide, sent 600' waves around the earth. Mostly buried in sea but visible once they started satellite and geo-magnetic mapping.

other events caused other extinctions.

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The surviving dinos turned into birds

by In reply to They're not extinct

The major extinction was about 65 million years ago. It wiped out all the big fellas, causing a major global nuclear winter for many years.

The smaller dinos and mammals survived, as did the birds (direct descendants of dinos).

The crater for this extinction's been located near Mexico, but there were far worse extinctions before that.

The Permian Extinction wiped out 95% of all life on earth millions of years earlier. The one 65 million years ago was rather tame in comparison, allowing the dinosaurs to 'phase out' rather than all be killed at once.


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Tuataras still exist because...

by Montgomery Gator In reply to They're not extinct

..they were small enough, that there was room for them for Noah to put them on the ark. :-)

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by Choppit In reply to End of a species

A barbecue perhaps? Anyone for a T-Rex steak?

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Old Recipe

by ozi Eagle In reply to

Down here in OZ there was a famous cookbook that started a recipe with "First catch it"

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Aye, there's the rub

by stress junkie In reply to Old Recipe

Feeling a bit peckish? How about a brontosaurus burger?

No. I think I'll have an apple. It's easier to catch. :-)

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Bring me a T-Rex sandwich

by neilb@uk In reply to

and make it snappy!

Old, but appropriate...

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Google "extinction event"

by neilb@uk In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

and have a happy, happy read...

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