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What wiped out the dinosaurs?

By cp7212 ·
Maxwell has me going now. Something obviously just sum-totalled the dinosaurs. There are many hypotheses. Many people say theories, but theories have to be proven. I don't really have an idea, but I'd like to kick it around to see what everyone else thinks.

Or for that matter, were the dinosaurs wiped out on a global scale? Is it possible for something to happen globally? It seems from some posts, people don't think so. Could the Earth have been made uninhabitable for the larger animals? Remember, nature is a mother......

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It was a vast right-wing conspiracy

by maxwell edison In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

And I have it from a reliable source.

As we all know, the right-wing is in the pockets of big oil. And as we also know, because we learned this as kids, oil comes from dead dinosaurs. Both of those things are undeniable fact, right?

Okay, so where does big-oil get all that oil? Bingo! From dead dinosaurs!

And **** Cheney is the master-mind behind it all, that's for sure. After all, there's only one company with the wherewithal to kill all the dinosaurs on the planet, and that's ..... you guessed it ..... Halliburton. And we all know about **** Cheney's ties to Halliburton, don't we? And who was a big political contributor the right-wing candidates -- including **** Cheney? Of course, it was Halliburton!

And we also have heard, from equally reliable sources, that the PROOF of this conspiracy was discovered in the deserts of Iraq in 2001. But Cheney and Halliburton had to keep the lid on it, and the invasion of Iraq is really a cover-up for the REAL mission.

And the weapons of mass destruction claim was just a ploy ...... and get this ...... to cover-up the REAL weapon of mass destruction used to kill all the dinosaurs! You don't think it's a coincidence, do you, that ....... oil .......Iraq (with all those oil fields) ....... **** Cheney ....... Halliburton ........ and a weapon of mass extinction ....... BINGO! You got it!

There ya' go.

Oh, and my "reliable source"? That would be

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At least your source is better than usual. :-)

by stress junkie In reply to It was a vast right-wing ...

I figured you'd agree with Tom Wigginton that the dinos are extinct because they didn't have a seat on Noah's Ark.

You say that you learned in school that oil is made from dinosaurs. Hah!!! You've been duped. All those horrible little scientists with all of their "evidence" have poisoned your mind. Your Republican Party friends apparently didn't have the chance to correct the text books in your school district before your mind was poisoned with science. Oil would take millions of years to create naturally. Since the Earth and the Universe are only 5700 years old then Almighty God must have created the oil as it is where it is. **** Cheyney is the Representative of God on Earth and Halliburton is the only true church. Everybody knows that.

(Don't worry Tom W. I didn't take your post seriously.)

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If you took anything in my message seriously. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to At least your source is b ...

....and I mean anything, I think you missed it.

And I'm curious, why did you "figure (I'd) agree with Tom Wigginton that the dinos are extinct because they didn't have a seat on Noah's Ark"? (And yes, I know he was kidding as well.)

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by stress junkie In reply to If you took anything in m ...

The views that you have expressed on other issues with some political component consistently align with a particular group in the US. So I thought that you would agree with the position of that group on this issue as well. So, I'll say it, I ***-U-ME-d that you would be aligned with the crowd that thinks that dinosaurs and humans once existed simultaneously. I know that your post was humorous but you take that opportunity to ridicule people who disagree with you. So it is appropriate to challenge those beliefs even in the light of the humorous context of the discussion. The same thing can be said about your "Mars' environment was destroyed by people" post a few days ago. Humorous post with serious content or serious post in the guise of humor?

I don't have a good name for this group but their beliefs include the following assertions which you have stated elsewhere as your own beliefs.

People who support strong legislation to prevent pollution are trying to control the Federal budget and undermine our economy.

People who believe in trying to preserve our environment are stupid.

All Democrats are evil. All Republicans are good.

George Bush can do or has done nothing unethical.

The recent problems in New Orleans caused the hurricane were exacerbated because the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana are Democrats.

The most recent war in Iraq has been conducted masterfully by the Republicans.

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You know little about me

by maxwell edison In reply to Consistency

And you assume too much.

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I hadn't even finished writing/editing ...

by stress junkie In reply to You know little about me

... when I saw that you had responded.

Anyway, as you say I assume too much. It wouldn't be the first time. I know what you have written but I don't know about things that you haven't said.

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I can buy that

by maxwell edison In reply to I hadn't even finished wr ...

You said, "I know what you have written but I don't know about things that you haven't said."

Okay, I can buy that. But actually, contrary to what you suggested, it's not what I HAVE NOT said that's the source of the problem. It's what I HAVE said, and how you (and others) have stretched those things out of proportion. Perhaps you should slow down; read for comprehension, not dissection (if you know what I mean); don't make assumption; don't make characterizations; don't stereotype; try to really understand; remember what you read; and don't look for reasons to jump to silly conclusions. For if you had done those things, you wouldn't have formed the conclusions you just did.

For example, truth be known, and if my messages were really read, fully understood, and remembered, there's only one issue on which President Bush and I are in total agreement, and that's concerning the war on terror. I'm vehemently opposed to the death penalty; I think our immigration policy and border patrol efforts are in dismal shape, and NO amnesty should be given to those in the country illegally; the role of the federal government is expanding, not reducing; federal spending is increasing, not reducing; and I could go on and on. I'm not a Republican, in principle, but rather a Libertarian. But for some reason, people continue their silly attacks on my character and true agenda, and make the stupid and false charge that I'm in lock-step with President Bush and the Republican Party. (Oz does it intentionally, as he knows better, but does it anyway, so he earns the title king of disingenuous.)

As far as my, as you say, "humorous.......but you take that opportunity to ridicule people who disagree with you", well, I might say this. I will admit, I'm about as far removed from the agenda and tactics of the Democrats and the political left as a person can be. I admit it. And I've also observed that the left's scare tactics, divisive attacks, class-envy baiting, race baiting, name-calling, pessimism, incessantly playing the blame-game, and so on, is absolutely disgusting to me. I see so much absolute absurdity from the Democrat party, that it's hard for me to believe that people actually buy into it. So I might attempt to take absurdity to the extreme to point out the absurdity of their stated positions. And if that bothers you, that's just too friggin' bad. But perhaps it just shows how it's really YOU who are in lock-step with a political party, not me.

But you, just like others, choose to pigeon-hole me into a false characterization. But I'm used to it. (And people wonder why I suggest they are disingenuous.)

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Disregard- Double post

by maxwell edison In reply to I hadn't even finished wr ...
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by puppybreath In reply to Consistency

I love the way you generalize the views of this group of people you love to hate. let's see if I can do the same for your group:

It's not possible to grow trees to replace any that have been cut down so we better stop using wood.

People who want to run a business without loads of government oversight are stupid.

All Republicans are evil and greedy, Democrats are good and caring.

George Bush can do or has done nothing right.

George Bush caused all of the hurricanes from glabal warming which just started during his adminstration. So Republicans are respnsible for everything that went wrong with Katrina.

We should strive to understand the terrorists feelings so we can be sure not to offend them. Then they'll stop killing innocent civilians.

It's OK to kill babies but not convicted murderers.

We need to be more sensitive to all religions, except those evil Catholics.

We need to rewrite the history books to better reflect how evil Americans have been throughout history. That will make foreign countries respect us more.

We need to dumb down the schools because school is just too hard and kids feel bad when they don't make good grades.

If the Government raises our children, we'll have more time to play.

Did I miss any??

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Evil Catholics?

by stress junkie In reply to Generalizations

Pretty funny stuff. The only difference is that my list is made of things that Maxwell has stated as his beliefs. So my post was not a generalisation. I was synopsising things that Maxwell had said elsewhere.

Maybe I should be mysterious and sullen like Maxwell. "You don't know me." Ha ha ha.

Actually I disagree with all of the items in your list.

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