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What wiped out the dinosaurs?

By cp7212 ·
Maxwell has me going now. Something obviously just sum-totalled the dinosaurs. There are many hypotheses. Many people say theories, but theories have to be proven. I don't really have an idea, but I'd like to kick it around to see what everyone else thinks.

Or for that matter, were the dinosaurs wiped out on a global scale? Is it possible for something to happen globally? It seems from some posts, people don't think so. Could the Earth have been made uninhabitable for the larger animals? Remember, nature is a mother......

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One is as believable as the other

by maxwell edison In reply to Oil from dead dinosaurs, ...

- The right-wing is in the pockets of big oil.

- Oil comes from dead dinosaurs.

One is just as believable (or not) as the other.

And if you believe one, but not the other, then consider how a person who believes the other really looks to the rational world.

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That reminds me ...

by stress junkie In reply to One is as believable as t ...

... of a quote that I found amazingly insightful. The quote goes something like this:

When you consider why you don't believe in the gods of other religions you will know why I don't believe in yours.

I'd say that exactly summarizes why I'm an atheist.

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Dead plants

by DC Guy In reply to Oil from dead dinosaurs, ...

Not that this particular thread will be remembered as TR's pinnacle of scientific thought. At any moment in time the total mass of the earth's plant life is far greater than the animal life. The vast majority of the carbon molecules in coal, oil, and natural gas are from decayed plants.

There's even a geological age named the Carboniferous Era, when huge forests laid down many of those deposits.

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That's what I learned...

by cp7212 In reply to Dead plants

..but what I usually glean from TR's posts are that Americans are mislead. Just checking and yanking some chains.....

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A woman weapon of mass extinction

by zlitocook In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

My mother in law can stop, kill or just make you want to kill yourself. She is older then the dinosaurs and twice as mean! One look can kill at thirty feet and she can talk you dead in seconds. why my mother in law is so mean that she takes food from babies because she thinks its bad for them. She can kill a sex drive of any thing in seconds, she can cause extinction of a species in days.
If you get married get protection fast! Hire a hit man or move to mars or some thing.

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As I understand it...

by jck In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

Maxwell Edison hired Martha Stewart to make him a nuclear bomb, since he heard she was an expert in interior decorating, and sent her back with Simon and Mr. Peabody in the way-back machine.

That's what destroyed them.

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There's a problem with your theory

by maxwell edison In reply to As I understand it...

Martha is a member of PETA!

And if that were't bad enough, Martha is a Democrat! In fact, she's a big-time, heavy-hitter, Democrat. (Just like a lot of those EVIL! corporate CEOs.)

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You lack faith in yourself

by jck In reply to There's a problem with yo ...

You don't have to tell her what it's for...duh.

Besides, everyone knows Mr. Peabody's guile and ability to masterfully handle those situations that need attention. He would have talked her into doing it.

Gotta love Mr. Peabody. What a dog.

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How silly of me

by maxwell edison In reply to You lack faith in yoursel ...

Of course Mr. Peabody could have pulled it off. I should have known better.

Okay, but you have to integrate it into the vast right-wing conspiracy scenario.

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by jck In reply to How silly of me

why would you need wings in the jurassic period? wanna get bit by a pteradon?

jeez...I have to explain everything...

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