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What wiped out the dinosaurs?

By cp7212 ·
Maxwell has me going now. Something obviously just sum-totalled the dinosaurs. There are many hypotheses. Many people say theories, but theories have to be proven. I don't really have an idea, but I'd like to kick it around to see what everyone else thinks.

Or for that matter, were the dinosaurs wiped out on a global scale? Is it possible for something to happen globally? It seems from some posts, people don't think so. Could the Earth have been made uninhabitable for the larger animals? Remember, nature is a mother......

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by jdmercha In reply to There's a problem with yo ...

People Eating Tastey Animals?

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Here's one theory I've heard

by jdmercha In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

God created man and animals. Neither man nor animals were created with limited life spans. Not until God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Dinosaurs are still around. They just no longer live long enough to grow huge.

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They must have really short life spans

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Here's one theory I've he ...

Because they are too small to see now!!

I still prefer my theory that dinosaurs were too big to have room for them on Noah's ark (except for the tuatara, of course.)

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Keep in mind

by jdmercha In reply to They must have really sho ...

This is not my idea, nor do I support it. But to continue the details.

Humans usually stop growing after about 18 years. Some reptiles continue to grow their entire lives. Picture a lizard that just keeps growing. Imagine a Komoto Dragon at 100 times its normal size. That might look quite a bit like a dinosaur.

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dinosaurs farts did it!

by curtispnkrtn In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

It has been detected that when cows poop they emit methane gas. If the larger dinosaurs were breathing nearly pure methane trapped under the tropical rain forest canopy of the time. It would stand to reason why only the smaller reptiles and the like survived like allegators. And one could also see the possibility of a pole shift, causing a global riptide, killing larger more vulnerable creatures.

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by Absolutely In reply to What wiped out the dinosa ...

They started going to church, and pretty soon the largest ones had brains the size of walnuts, and the rest of them were even smaller.

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You got it backwards

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Religion

The dinosaurs were atheists, and ended up killing each other, or ended up wasting away from doing drugs, because they had no morals.

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