What would be a good gaming mineral oil submerged rig?

By Kelby232 ·
I am starting to write up all the components I would need to build the best gaming rig I can. I am on a budget of no more than $1000. That includes shipping.

I know I am going to submerge it in a case full of mineral oil. Doing this I know I would need a solid state hard drive. I plan on getting it overclocked as well. The games I will be playing are COD2-Modern Warfare, WoW and Aion. Also, I will be running Windows 7 for my OS.

Any suggestions on a good build would be greatly appreciated. I will be updating this post with components I come up with along the way. Thank you for all the help.

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Put a freezer on it.................

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Oil

As some one already has said on here, it would be much easier to add on a freezer to lower the temp that you would be getting while running at full blast plus it would be more environmental friendly, and the Extra plus, it would not weigh too much.

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Now that is a case mod idea.

by CG IT In reply to Put a freezer on it...... ...

make a PC Gaming rig out of one of them mini refrigerators. one could even leave the rack there for cold beverages.

Heat would never be a problem. If anything, brittleness of the PCB boards might come into play because they get to cold.

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OK a few observations about the stuff from your first link

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Oil


They are wasting both energy and hardware doing this at the very least they need to remove the Fans which are doing nothing but slowly spinning.

By all means keep the Heat Sinks in place but remove the fans as they are unnecessary in a situation like this. Even with Light White Oil all that they are achieving is disturbing the oil and interfering with Heat Transfer.

Ideally you should use Bigger Passive Heat Sinks to increase the Surface Area in contact with the oil and the fins on the heat sinks should be Straight Up to improve any Thermo Siphoning Effect that can be created. If the Fins are Parallel to the Bottom of the case they will be trapping heat and not doing anything to cool the parts that they are supposed to. If you keep the Fan/s in place they will not be moving Oil over the entire surface area of the heat sinks and will be creating Hot Spots that will allow the component in question to Overheat.

Also I would be very careful when it comes to Heat Sink Paste as this will react with the Oil and most likely stop any heat transfer to the Heatsink. In this type of installation it would be better not to use any Heat Sink Paste at all.

NVidia Video Cards have a bit of a reputation for running hot and the Chips dieing so it may be a better idea not to consider them in an application like this. When they fail it's way too messy attempting to repair the system as you Can Not degrease it in any useful form.


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