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What would Jesus drive?

By neilb@uk ·
Last night on the UK?s Channel 4 we had a TV documentary that was part of a series covering global warming. This particular hour covered the love of Americans for the car and, in particular, the current craze for "gas-guzzling" SUVs. During the program we had interviews with the committed on both extremes of the SUV-lovers spectrum but very little from those in the middle.

The programme pointed out that In the US, by the end of the 20th century, overall vehicle economy had dropped to its lowest level in 20 years. "Two decades of fuel-saving technologies, that could have helped curb carbon dioxide emissions, have instead gone into increasing vehicle weight and performance".

To my amazement, I learned that the US government waves them on with tax breaks. This is because SUVs are modelled on the frames of commercial vehicles. In other words, as far as the US taxman is concerned, they're really trucks.

They are unsafe ? at least to any car or pedestrian that they crash into. Like an arms race, as more drivers choose heavier and heavier SUVs, those who choose lighter cars are in more danger and, as SUVs are classed as trucks, they don?t have to pass the same safety checks as a normal car. The narrower SUVs roll over four times more easily than a normal car, for instance.

SUVs - 4WD over here - are getting popular here with the middle classes and are starting to cause resentment amongst some groups. London?s Mayor is trying to charge them extra to get into the centre of London (we already pay ?5 per day for driving in the city centre), Paris has declared them ?totally unacceptable? and Rome is to treble the permit rate for SUVs to enter the city. The only reason that we don?t have as many 4WDs as the US is that it costs $90 or more to fill a fuel tank on one.

Eleven percent of world oil consumption is to provide gas for US cars.

I know there are some people who regularly write on this forum who do not believe in Global Warming ? or at least in Man?s contribution to it. However, just in case they are wrong, isn?t there a good case for the US to try and reduce gas consumption as it would have a number of good effects:

Reduce your balance of payments.

Reduce your reliance on Middle East oil.

Reduce carbon emissions ? just in case!

Make the rest of the world like you a little more after Kyoto.

It?s generally believed in the UK that the US, generally, cares very little about the environment and global warming. However, I?m not after a flaming and I?m just asking for some input. Is our perception justified? Was the program right in its conclusion that US gas consumption is spiralling out of control ? possibly taking the Earth?s climate with it?



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It would have to be a Triumph

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What would Jesus drive?

As somewhere in the Bible it is claimed that he tore across the desert in Triumph.

But seriously the on SUV side of things over here in AU they used to be treated the same way considered as trucks so they didn't have to pass the safety tests {which in my opinion are not worth much but I'm of the Old School when it comes to Mechanical Engining so I will not profess to know that much.}

But now the laws have been changed because of the number of serious crashes that these things have been involved in and most times caused. The basic design is inherently unsafe a high Center of Gravity mixed with a comparatively narrow wheel base means that they just have to roll over when driven hard or harder than they should be compared to a conventional car in certain circumstances. Like wet roads reverse camber corners and things like that. They also do not track as well at speed but this is again is in the basic design and when mixed with off road tires they are a recipe for disaster.

This is something that most people who drive these silly things do not realize that they require a different driving technique.

Unfortunately most people think that just because they have a license that can drive anything safely.


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I don't mind them rolling over and killing the driver

by neilb@uk In reply to It would have to be a Tri ...

Think of it as Evolution in action!

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Neil you evil sod

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I don't mind them rolling ...

You really do not want to visit that topic again do you?

However these SUV's as they are called have the tendency to not only kill the driver but throw out the passengers as well before the roof collapses down on the driver.

Actually we had a funny collision over here recently at a set of traffic lights a girl driving her bosses Porsche 911 had a semi topple over onto it and she released the seatbelt and laid across the passengers seat. She survived the squashing and was promptly given a traffic ticket for not wearing a seat belt which would have killed her.

Who ever claimed that the Law made Sense needs a lot of treatment.


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We see evidence of that

by JamesRL In reply to It would have to be a Tri ...

Especially during the first snow fall of the year. Its quite often that the vehicle in the ditch is an SUV. While in snow they have straight line traction, they can't stop as fast, are less stable, and most importantly seem to embue some of their drivers with a strange sense of invincibility.

I saw some convincing footage which tried to explain why SUV drivers were dying from rollovers. Many rollovers happen when the driver lets a wheel go onto the soft shoulder, panics then over corrects. The over correction often puts them into the next lane over, then they try to correct back into their original lane, overcorrect again, and voila they are on the shoulder, into the ditch and rolling - because the high centre of gravity makes lane changes much less stable than in most cars.


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King David had the Triumph

by Montgomery Gator In reply to It would have to be a Tri ...

It was said that King David's Triumph was heard throughout the land. (Apparently it was a very loud motorcycle)

The Apostles believed in car pooling. It was recorded in the Acts of the Apostles that they were in one Accord. (apparently they liked Hondas).

It is also recorded that God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden in a Fury.

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Tom I'd go with the VW

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to King David had the Triump ...

As I have one unaltered since it left the factory, it is based on a 1965 Beetle and has all wheel disk brakes, a 5 speed gearbox and a 2.5 Lt motor. The flywheel has been carved down from its original 40 Pd's to 6 Pd's and currently I'm debating if I stick with the 48 mm Dual Thought Webber Cross Flow Carb or go with Fuel Injection. All the suspension is Sway Away and the motor is all new Scat except for the tin ware and Alternator Stand which is standard VW.

But maybe we should have saved this for the Friday Yuk.


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by neilb@uk In reply to King David had the Triump ...

Thank you for that!

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What would Jesus drive? It Depends on his mood

by maxwell edison In reply to What would Jesus drive?

A pickup truck: When he wanted to help others with their heavy load.

A Mustang: When he wanted to remind himself of a magnificent beast created by his Father.

A Jeep Liberty: When he wanted to remind us that people are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

An Eagle: When he wanted to remind people of the heights to which they could reach -- if only they dared.

A Dodge Challenger: When he wanted to remind us that life may not be easy.

A Chevrolet Caprice: For all those impulsive moments.

A Land Rover: When he wanted to travel amongst the magnificence places of all the Earth.

A Ford Explorer: When he wanted to seek out new places.

A Chevrolet Corvette: To protect us from danger along the way.

A Buick Riviera: To go to his beach house.

A Cadillac Eldorado: To remind us that the Earth is a place of abundance and opportunity.

An Infiniti: When he wanted to remind us of the length of time we will spend in the "here-after".

A Chevrolet Avalanche: When he wanted to remind us of the power of nature.

A Toyota Corolla: When he wanted to remind us of the beauty of nature.

A Celebrity: When he wanted to flaunt his popularity.

A Trail Blazer: When he wanted us to follow His way.

A Lincoln Navigator: When he wanted to remind us that He will show us the way.

A Renault Alliance: When he wanted to show us that He is indeed on our side.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom: When he wanted to display His true presence -- as it appears to us.

A Pontiac Phoenix: When he wanted to show us that we can indeed rise up from our failures and start anew.

A Yugo: When he wanted to say, "You go forth and honor the Father by being the best you can be.

(Note: The various use of he versus He was intentional.)

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And perhaps he would walk

by neilb@uk In reply to What would Jesus drive? I ...

to demonstrate that the Cadillac Eldorado is totally inappropriate when the abundance of the Earth is available to so few.

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That would be abundance AND opportunity

by maxwell edison In reply to And perhaps he would walk

Think of the places on Earth where abundance and opportunity are denied to those living upon that particular parcel of the Earth. For the most part, those are places that are controlled by corrupt and oppressive regimes.

Your suggestion, by inference, that the USA is somehow responsible for that is absolute nonsense.

Abundance and opportunity are available to all those who live under systems that guarantee freedom and liberty for all. And yes, I will therefore suggest that abundance and opportunity are available to absolutely every person living in the United States. The problem is, too many people are out there trying to convince them otherwise.

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