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What would you choose? All Windows or mixed Windows/Linux

By Ian Lewis ·
I ask because I'm being pressured by my manager to agree that we should revise our network infrastructure to completely eliminate any Linux servers. this would then leave only Windows machines which would then be 'easier to manage' and be more 'cost effective' in IT Support terms.

My colleague and I have brought up the the fact that any system where security can be compromised across the board in minutes is a bad idea.

I guess the corollary to this is the question of whether it's worth sticking it out in a job with a stubborn manager.

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Linux just aint it ???

by TuxUser In reply to Security? CPM? DOS? OS2? ...

The only TRULY secure Windows machine is one without floppy/cdrom drives no modem/nic and no keyboard/mouse.

And if by "user-friendly" you mean you will use our OS and apps since we bully pc makers into pre-installing it.....then you are right Microsoft is it. And "defacto-standard"?...put out broken software of poor quality and let the common-folk find the problems then we'll fix it. Yep again Microsoft wins.

If you want freedom of choice and better control then look elsewhere..Linux. With all the addins available for just about anything you can imagine for control, config etc...and most are free...remember free does NOT mean JUNK or garbage.

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Same old argument

by jgaskell In reply to Linux just aint it ???

So, as seems to be the case with the majority of discussions around here, this one has degenerated into a Windows vs Linux name-calling session. Can't we all just get over it and start discussing the actual topic at hand? dpetrak's response is the best one I have seen to this topic.

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AIX Dead? UNIX Dead?

by fizquierdo In reply to Security? CPM? DOS? OS2? ...

I have to disagree with you on your statement of UNIX or AIX. AIX, though "little known" as you stated, has been gaining marketshare steadily over the past few years. Also, because it is an Enterprise class OS, it does not run on commodity (read PC based) hardware. It is an OS that keeps on evolving, even though not as fast as others. It is an OS you will only find in large IT shops, such as utilities, banking and government agencies at both the local and federal levels.

As far as UNIX (in its many flavors) is concerned, it has been around for over 30 years, running on everything from PC's to mainframes. If UNIX/Linux is so irrelevant, why would Microsoft decide to include their UNIX based services as part of the OS on their next server level release (Longhorn Server/Vista Server?).

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Wrong, FUD, and no

by jmgarvin In reply to Security? CPM? DOS? OS2? ...

*nix holds 50% or so of the current server market. Unix holds about 28% while Linux (not LINUX) holds about 22%.

As far as MS being targeted because it is "the defacto-standard" how do you explain Apache?

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You're kidding, right?

by Derek Silva In reply to Security? CPM? DOS? OS2? ...

Just the audacity of a statement like "Microsoft is diligent enough to have a patch within hours of a security breach or known issue" is hilarious and honestly made me laugh out loud. Hours? Try DAYS. If you switched "Microsoft" to "Linux programmers" instead, then you'd actually have a statement that's true.

And please, by all means, prove me wrong. Please find the last time Microsoft released a patch within HOURS of a security hole being found. We're still finding exploits that have been around since Windows 98 was released... a lot of these exploits are inherited OS to OS. How you can possibly sit there and say that Microsoft is "diligent" by any means of the word is rediculous.

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by mikael_bm In reply to What would you choose? Al ...

I can say a mix solution is the best, easy to manage and also cost effective. From 5 years I made Linux/Windows networks and nobody complain until now. To have only Windows I think is a bad idea. One idea: how many people has protection inside with windows? How windows can protect from inside attacks? With patches, hundred and hundred. Windows server is like a bate for fish and, for sure, a potential hacker is fisherman.

So, my advice is to make a report where you should mention strong/weak point for Windows/Linux environment and strong/weak points for Windows environment.

By the way, I have an mail server on Linux and is working over 4 year with minimum maintanance. I want to know if Windows has one of this solution.

Good luck!

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Mail Solution

by jeff In reply to Mixing

I have been running Exchange since 1999 and haven't had any issues besides updating and patching. I guess I did have to move it to a new box but that because I added 50 users and they added 10GB to the database.

Linux is good but when done right Windows can be just as good. Not to mention that Exchange gives my users a lot more than smtp, pop, or imap.

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Your questions

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What would you choose? Al ...

Your first question is irrelevant. You're not getting paid to make that call; your boss is. Your job is to implement his choice.

I'm not sure why everyone else thinks you need to cover your @$$ for his decision. If a subordinate asked me to sign paperwork showing he disagreed with my legal decisions, he wouldn't be around to worry about the repercussions.

Only you can answer your second question.

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by O/Siris In reply to Your questions

"If a subordinate asked me to sign paperwork showing he disagreed with my legal decisions, he wouldn't be around to worry about the repercussions."

Well that's just one of the difficulties of hiring professionals. They will provide their opinion, because that, too, is their job. And the documentation serves to prove they did theirs.

Far too often, I.T. workers find themselves on the wrong end of a claim that they didn't do their job, causing a project to run over, overbudget, or over schedule, it's still been the same.

May I ask, what problem do you have with documenting that such a discussion occured? It's not your job to worry about the efficiencies of tasks in Windows vs those of Linux. Why would your subordinates *not* have the option to tell you that you're losing these?

I'm no labor lawyer, certainly, but I have a suspicion that firing someone for asking you to document that you've heard an alternative viewpoint is not something you'd be comfortable explaining should your project go wrong (meaning if you were the manager in the original post). Absolutely, the decision is yours to make. But refusing to discuss alternatives, *and* to document that discussion, that's assinine.

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I want their opinions.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to

If I didn't feel their opinions were worthwhile, I wouldn't have hired them. If they want my signature showing I support a decision they made, I'll be happy to sign.

I don't see the value in what appears to me to be getting my subordinate's approval when my decision disagrees with his advice. I don't someone working for me who feels they need my signature to cover -their- *** on a decision -I- was responsible for. This implies the employee is concerned I will stick him with the responsiblity for my mistake. I don't play that game, I don't want someone working for me who does or thinks I do, and I won't work where my bosses do. I trust my subordinates to give me informed advice, but I expect them to remember it's my decision, to implement what I decide, and to trust me to take the heat when I'm wrong. There's a saying in the military, "You can delegate authority, but you can't delegate responsibility." This strongly colors my philosophy.

If I was a contractor, and the customer went against my advice, that would be a completely different kettle of fish. But that's not the original scenario.

I'm no labor lawyer either, but if I refuse to sign and the employee quits, then he's not around to worry about the consequences, is he? Sorry if my original posting made it sound like I would fire someone.

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