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What would you do if you were me?

We redesigned TechProGuild 6 months ago and have been working hard to add features to the site, improve the quality of offerings, and make it more valuable to subscribers.

If you were Senior Editor for a day? What would you do? What new things would you like to see in TPG? And what would you change? Let's talk about it.

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Page layouts

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to

A lot of the new features in the Discussion Center are driven by the Jive engine. I'm not directly involved with that development, so I can't tell you what's involved there.

As for the PM's that's a new community feature they're still working on for the site. I don't think it's fully implemented yet, so there are still some things which arent fully implemented.

As for fat gray bars... The web pages are designed for 800x600 resolution. That's to maintain a consistent look and feel between the different resolutions. Unfortunately, that also means that the higher your resolution, the fatter those gray bars on the side of the screen. If you were set to 800x600, you would hardly see them. At 640x480, you'd have to scroll the screen.

We still have a signficant number of people using 800x600, so for now we havent changed it for a default higher resolution. If we did, then THOSE users would have to scroll the screen right to left to get the content. Yes, we could have the page auto size, but then that distorts the overall text flow. They're trying to maintain a consistent positioning of items.

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A Tip for cute_elf

by Oz_Media In reply to

You don't like clicking Next to move through the thread, you don't like the body size.

In the discussion pages, there is a Print link too. Right beside the 'subscribe' link.

Use this to display the ENTIRE thread will all posts in formatted text form. A LOT easier for larger threads. ;-)

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by CuteElf In reply to A Tip for cute_elf

I likey! Honestly, I didnt hit print b4 due to thinking: great, my printer's gonna start spitting pages...

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Yeah I figured I'd be cancelling a print

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanx

I was expecting a print dialogue too. They would be better off with 'Print Preview'or 'Text Only' instead.

One day when I was not connected to any printers, I decided to give it a try, "WOW where did THAT come from!!" I still forget to use it half the time and scroll and click endlessly through posts though, DOH!

Glad it works for you! It really is much easier, now if I could only remeber to use it more often. I have a prety quick connection and usually don't have issues, but when I do, I always forget to use the Print Icon. It seems whenever someone asks, I always offer that advice though? :)

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by taipan In reply to What would you do if you ...

I was a TPG member several years back and was finding there wasn't enough value (see tech junkie's post). It would we great to see partnerships to other sources to compliment the content such as with Gartner, Forrester, and Metagroup. This could be an "outsource of depth" that may bring me back.


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An IT Manager's perspective

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Partnerships

Traditionally, TechProGuild has been focused on a more tactical audience such as support professionals and network administrators. Therefore, I can understand as an IT Manager how you might not have seen 'value' in the site.

We've considered adding more strategic content to TechProGuild, but what we've found is kind of a Chicken/Egg scenario. Strategic articles don't get pageviews because the audience isn't there. And the audience doesn't come because the strategic audience isn't there.

We're slowly trickling in more stratgetic content however. We've added a few articles, and quite a few of the new downloads in the TPG Download Center have a strategic bent. There are also over a dozen IT Management books in the Tech Book library.

The outside partnerships might be a good idea to pursue. Thanks!

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by Choppit In reply to What would you do if you ...

Out of interest, what proportion of your users are TPG members?

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by Techno1 In reply to What would you do if you ...

When you visit the Infrastructure area of TechProGuild a great deal of the information is Microsoft servers and server invironments. It would be nice to have an area strictly for infrastucture such as Cisco, Netgear, 3Com ect. With a focus on Routing, Switching, Wireless, Security and patches.


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The Tracks

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Infrastructure

You're right, there is Microsoft server stuff mingled into the Infrastructure track. Ideally, we'd keep all of that stuff in the Windows Server tracks, but when it crosses a gray line into being an Infrastructure issue, such as using ISA Server 2004 as a firewall, then I'll put it in the Infrastructure track. It's not always perfect.

Generally, the break down in the tracks is:

Windows Server: NT, 2000 Server, WS2k3, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.
Windows Client: Win XP, 2000 Pro, 9x, Office, IE, etc.
Netware: Netware, Groupwise, BorderManager, anything Novell
Linux/UNIX: Redhat, Solaris, FreeBSD, MacOS
Infrastructure: Protocols, firewalls, net security, wireless, etc.
Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting issues, desktop software, desktop hardware

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less advertising

by mkfME In reply to What would you do if you ...

Seems to me that TPG (paying member for years) has a lot more flat out, and embedded, advertising than it used to. I find I'm paying less and less attention to the TPG e-letters I subscribe to because of this. The main reasons I have continued to subscribe - so far - are Q&A (I have received a number of valuable assists from other members) and helpful tech articles (of which there seems to be less and less.) I feel less attached to TPG than I used to, though I should check out the online books section sometime. My advice - less commercialism, more good tech content - pare it down. I'd rather pay (somewhat) more for membership to get better content and less advertising. Please don't start going more strategic - Gartner, etc. There's enough of that out there already.

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