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What would you do if you were me?

We redesigned TechProGuild 6 months ago and have been working hard to add features to the site, improve the quality of offerings, and make it more valuable to subscribers.

If you were Senior Editor for a day? What would you do? What new things would you like to see in TPG? And what would you change? Let's talk about it.

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Less Advertising

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to less advertising

Actually, we've eliminated all advertising from the TPG Home page and the TPG Download Center. There's only one specific TPG newsletter, the TechProGuild Note, which is also now ad-free. On the article and download pages, there are no banners, pop-ups, or skyscrapers anymore.

Occasionally some advertising does creep into TPG pages. Most of this is contractually obligated to be there or is due to technical limitations. For example, there are still ads here in the TPG Discussion Center because of architectural reasons.

The links on the articles are entirely for other TechRepublic/CNet resources and again are there architecturally. However, we've gone a long way to eliminating third party ads and banners in subscription content.

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missing the point

by mkfME In reply to Less Advertising

The simple fact is the content of your newsletters now contains a lot more advertising _content_ than it used to IMO. This makes the newsletters of less interest to me. Also, I find there's less original content, and a lot more repetition of previously published content. For instance, the 2-18 Desktops NetNote touted a download featuring 75 Excel tips. But I downloaded the same file over a month ago. I have been sending out your Office app tips to my users but find more and more they are repeats of previously published info. So I'm feeling like I'm getting less for the money, to the point where I'm not sure it's worth bothering with anymore.

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OK... I see what you're saying

The Newsletters, with the exception of the TechProGuild Note, are actually seperate from TechProGuild itself. They're offered as a part of TechRepublic, which does derive income from advertising.

TechRepublic content, including newsletters, downloads, and articles do indeed contain advertising. That's how they pay for the content. Premium content in TPG and in our Book and CD product derive most of their revenue from the subscription and cover fees. It's in those areas where we've worked to eliminate as much advertising as possible.

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by peveht In reply to What would you do if you ...

Prior to your latest changes I was having difficulty downloading most of your articles and files. Since the makeover they have been very user friendly.

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TechProGuild is almost unusable

by dmoor In reply to What would you do if you ...

I am usually multitasking when browsing for a book in TechProGuild (reading mail, doing other things in my browser). However, when I click on Tech Books under Resources the delay is significant (15 to 30 seconds). Even worse, it completely freezes my browser, all windows (Netscape 7.1 on Windows Professional 2000). And every subsequent click on a link as a drill down does the same thing. This makes TechProGuild, for me, virtually unusable since I am unable to do anything during these delays.


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Not in my experience

by Blackcurrant In reply to TechProGuild is almost un ...

I rarely get any delays or persistent problems when using TPG. Certainly no more than when I browse other sites, though I have never used Netscape.

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