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What You Did With Your Last Laptop?

By zubairshkh ·
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While watching Cracking Open: Acer Aspire S3, a thought came in mind that what Bill Detwiler's did with his last laptop and I think this is the best place to ask the same with Junkies and Gurus.

I gave it to my 2 years daughter...she is using it as a toy :)

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Ah, professionally? That's another critter.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Two TR Power Users don't ...

Since the company paid for it, I look for every possible way for the company to get full value from all equipment. I have a complete 'check down' list for used systems, both laptop and desktop:

* Can the device be used by another employee at this location who doesn't need the latest equipment?
* Can the device be used by another company location?
* Is the device new enough to give to our scholarship committee? They hold periodic raffles to raise money, and used computers are popular prizes. I run Boot and Nuke and then the manufacturer's re-installation media, then add a bunch of freeware. At this time our minimum criteria is the ability to run Windows XP and less than six years old.
* If the device is too old for the scholarship committee but still possibly useful, I contact the local Linux users group to see if they want it. They reconfigure them for local charities. I run Boot and Nuke before turning the system over to them.
* Too old for any of the above? Since we manufacture printed circuit boards, we have a contract with a waste management company to handle our electronic waste.

I used to check with the local school district, but I never had anything they wanted. The last two times they didn't even return my call, so I took them off my list. Also, the current and former chiefs of two local volunteer fire departments work here, so I'll check with them occasionally.

I've given used desktops to my parents in the past, but right now they have a better system than I do, so screw 'em!

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We pretty much do the same

by Slayer_ In reply to Ah, professionally? That ...

Though presently, we just have a lot of used.... half dead laptops lying around, not sure why...

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Depends on what you do I suppose

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Two TR Power Users don't ...

But I find NB's a pain very expensive for the hardware that you get and generally speaking impossible to upgrade in any meaningful manner.

Doesn't mean that I don't sell or support them just that I personally don't really have much of a need for one. Though the one that I do have was the Absolute Top of the Range when I bought it with the Fastest CPU that it could carry as much RAM as it could fit with the Biggest HDD possible and the best Monitor of all the NB's then available. Not to mention things like Web Cams and both Bluetooth and WiFi modules when I got it originally.

There was nothing to add and other then replacing the thing latter there was no need. Of course I suppose Legally this is my second NB. The First was crushed by a Excavator Track when someone borrowed it to fix a new excavator.

I simply replaced the 3 day old NB with the same Make & Model.

But I honestly don't have a need for one the only advantage that NB's have is that they are Portable and Portability isn't an Advantage for my needs at least.

Besides even now I can get a much more powerful Desktop with much better hardware cheaper than I can get the Highest End NB. For instance a i7 Gigabyte NB with 8 GIG of RAM a 4 TB HDD RAID 2 Array is still a NB with a 15 inch screen and a Mobile i7 CPU where as the same desktop can have 24 GIG of RAM fitted has it's own changeable Video Card and isn't limited to just 1 card make & model and can be upgraded with things that I need added as time goes by.

Currently the CardBus system doesn't have a great range of available cards and even if they had what I may need latter I would constantly be switching cards as I needed to do different jobs. CardBus is great but PCI XPress is better faster and just cheaper to buy bits for.

Why would any sane person accept second rate equipment to do their work? Even the Core 2 Duo M'Board I have in a low end workstation can carry 16 GIG of RAM which is twice what the newest NB can carry and that M'Board is now 3 years old.

Besides both LCD and TFT Monitors hurt my eyes so I try to avoid them whenever possible.

Though if you want a couple of NB's pulled out of service I have some but generally speaking I give then away with new HDD fitted as here no HDD leaves the business once it comes through the doors working. The platters get removed and melted while the remainder of the drive goes to a Data Recovery House locally. The donation of the drive bits is my idea but the destruction is Mandated by the Industry that i work in.


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express card = PCI-e x1

by Who Am I Really In reply to Depends on what you do I ...

would be nice if it was x16

but I don't see that happening any time soon

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I fully agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to express card = PCI-e x1

However my desktop still has 4 of those Sockets and 3 PCI Sockets available where as a NB that I could use only has 1 CardBus Socket.

While I'm not loosing any sleep over things at the moment it's still much easier to add things to a desktop and leave them in place than constantly change things on a NB.

I still remember several customers who saved all of their Important Data to a Thumb Drive and then broke it when they stuffed the NB away in it's bag with the Thumb Drive left in it.

That resulted in 1 smashed Thumb Drive that cost $400.00 to recover the data from and a broken USB Socket in the NB. Eventually with bits of metal rolling around inside the NB it required the NB to be replaced as well but that's another story.

Not a problem I've ever had with a desktop though. And no mention of the ability to do more things with it faster. No matter what Intel Claim those Mobile i7 CPU's are slower than the Desktop ones. Not to mention USB 3 being much more widely available on current generation Desktop M'Boards where as NB's still have a lot of USB 2 Only units around.


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USB 2.0

by Who Am I Really In reply to I fully agree

ha ha
some units are still shipping with a 1.1 port

I just got a mini and plugged one of my 4GB sticks into one of the ports and got that old message
about using the High-speed port on the other side of the system

Ouch (not a happy camper)

I quite enjoy populating the PCI / PCI-e slots on my desktops as well

but there is that occasional time where a craptop is the only way to go

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And that's why I have my NB

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB 2.0

Doesn't matter that it's a 3.2 GIG P4 it's portable the battery lasts about an hour and it's good for finding open WiFi Connections.

But that's all I use it for.


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screen cracked . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

So I turned it into a music box and alarm clock
I ordered an el-cheapo class-4 16GB SDHC to compliment the HDD
and a large cooling pad
then loaded about 40+ hours of tunes on to both the SD and the HDD

There's nothing like waking up to the full sound system blaring tunes
rather than the annoying buzzers or noise of el-cheapo radios

media player makes a good alarm clock, and all that's required is:
- a retired laptop
- 8, 9 or 10 x 1 hour blank mp3 files
- a bunch of yer favorite tunes
- set the "allow screen saver" check box in the media player's options dialog
- set the monitor to shut off in 1 minute in the power settings dialog
- a 1/8" stereo to L/R "RCA" plugs
- a stereo system that has an AUX line-in
- plug the L/R into the AUX and the 1/8" stereo into the headphone jack on the laptop
- start playback with the blank mp3 files

note: a UPS may be required for newer stereo equipment if it remains off after a Power Failure

and in the morning you wake up to what you want to hear


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Sounds like a lot of trouble for an alarm clock.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to screen cracked . . .

Why not just use Media Player to play some .MP3s over the laptop's built-in speakers, or a couple of cheapie external ones?

I'd rather have an actual clock. It's much easier to turn off before it wakes my wife, and I can see the time when I wake up during the night. But to each his own...

Cracked screens are another reason I don't see myself owning a laptop. Sometimes replacing the screen can cost almost half as much as a new system. If you were planning on replacing the system anyway, no problem. But I've used the same external monitor across multiple desktops, and it's a lot easier to replace without the trouble of configuring a new system.

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my job is in audio . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Sounds like a lot of trou ...

so I,
- already had the app to make the blank 1 hour mp3 files
- already had the cable to connect it to the stereo
- already had the stereo to connect it to

thus no trouble for me

plus I can use it during the day to have an uninterrupted stack of commercial free tunes in the background

- replacing the screen for this unit would cost more than I paid for the unit

the built in speakers aren't good enough to even stir the pot in the morning
nor for any day time use
also the internal / el-cheapo "PC" speakers have no bass either

plus, I like the windows rattling when the alarm goes off

the way most people wake up:


when my alarm goes off it's

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