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What You Did With Your Last Laptop?

By zubairshkh ·
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While watching Cracking Open: Acer Aspire S3, a thought came in mind that what Bill Detwiler's did with his last laptop and I think this is the best place to ask the same with Junkies and Gurus.

I gave it to my 2 years daughter...she is using it as a toy :)

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Task Manager

by CharlieSpencer In reply to the blank mp3 files . . .

I would have used Task Manager to start Media Player and the desired tune at a scheduled time, probably as a recurring task. To each his own.

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except taskmgr doesn't start tasks . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Task Manager

that's the task scheduler
and I don't trust it

I've tried using it for other things an half the time they don't run at all or don't run on time

so i just opted to do the 10 hours of blank mp3 files
and I get an exact time for when the big booming starts

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Those of your without smartphones...

by JamesRL In reply to Task Manager

Those of us with smartphones use the alarms that come with the device. My iPhone knows the difference between a weekday and a weekend day, and can adjust the alarm accordingly. I can even use a different alarm sound on weekends, disable the snooze button on weekdays, and so on. My smartphone is always charged and on, so why not.

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re: "Those of your without smartphones..."

by Who Am I Really In reply to Task Manager

I don't want one anyway

for the small price of $18.00 the 16GB SDHC gives me added storage to dump tunes onto

where can I get a phart fone for $18.00 and no additional cost after that
can your phart fone load and store 90+GB of .wav data and play it straight through

no it can't because eventually the damned thing will ring and cut off whatever happens to be playing
besides that I shut my phones off at night

wouldn't that be a lovely recurring experience
yer phone is piped into the stereo and it's cranked to wake you up
and @ 03:22 you get an email, text or worse an actual call and that plays at 100+dB into the room
what a great night it was wasn't it ! ? !

.I see the - troll has been here

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Made It Into A Kitchen Clock

by dogknees In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

Run up the old Windows clock. Maximised it and put it on top of the fridge. It's a bit inefficient, but it is easy to read.

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is that the clock app used in NT3.1 - NT4.0?

by Who Am I Really In reply to Made It Into A Kitchen Cl ...

I remember trying to open the NT 4 version in XP and it didn't work right

but it did in win2K
actually opened the clock window instead of on the taskbar

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to is that the clock app use ...

I've got an old Zenith Z-note (486/25) on a shelf in the server room running the 3.1 clock in monochrome.

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by dogknees In reply to is that the clock app use ...

The PC runs Windows 3.1 and the clock app that came with it.

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