Whats a good Cocktail?

By John_4 ·
So where I work we use what we call the Cocktail when we reinstall an operating system, or just when we build a system, and we are trying to make it the best group of software we can get, I will list all of the things we use and why we use them, and if you have anything you think we should change or if there is something out there that you don't think I don't know about PLEASE post!! (all software in our cocktail is FREEWARE)

1. Mozilla Firefox - Internet Browsing
2. Adobe Reader/Player - Self Explanatory
3. OpenOffice - Free MS Word
4. VLC Media Player - the codec/good player
5. AVG - Anti Virus
6. ADAWARE - Anti Adaware
7. Spybot - Anti Spyware
8. Malwarebytes - antimalware/scan and remove viruses

Once again if you know of any other good things, please post!!

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Re: Cocktails

by christianshiflet In reply to Whats a good Cocktail?

Not to be a stick in the mud but I don't believe that AVG and MalwareBytes are not free for commercial/corporate use. They are only free for home use.

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AVG not free

by Choppit In reply to Whats a good Cocktail?

Just like to point out that AVG is not free for the usage you describe...

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Spybot no longer is either.

by IC-IT In reply to AVG not free

Not for Corp, nor education.

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or ad-aware ...

by Choppit In reply to Spybot no longer is eithe ...
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AVG is free

by John_4 In reply to AVG not free

AVG 9.0 is free...we offer it on our website, and it works just fine, and becuase im lazy and don't want to post to the other things, so is adaware and spybot, and the free versions work just fine

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The point is [edited]

by IC-IT In reply to AVG is free

If they are used in a non-commercial or non-educational setting, then yes it is free for use.

If you are putting the programs on commercial or educational systems, than you are in violation of the licensing agreement.

Edited to add; From the AVG site;

1. Definitions.
a. Authorized Purposesmeans (i) personal, noncommercial purposes in the case of Software known as AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and AVG LinkScanner, and (ii) your personal purposes or the internal business purposes of you and your Affiliates in the case of other Software.


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Yes, yes

by John_4 In reply to The point is [edited]

I agree with you. and we don't put them on any company computers, but we do put them on home computers so technically it is for non commercial, and we don't charge for the programs so :) loopholes i guess, lol

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Take a look at PortableApps for ideas....

by Choppit In reply to Whats a good Cocktail?
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Free ISO burner

by Charvell In reply to Whats a good Cocktail?

IMGBurn is a free ISO burning program if you have a need for one.

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Used it...

by John_4 In reply to Free ISO burner

I personally use it, but we offer cdburnerxp, which do you think is better?

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