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What's the best book to film sci-fi (or SF) transition and..

By Tony Hopkinson ·
What books would you like to see in film that would make the transition sensibly.

This sort of follows on from the Trivia Geek's Best SF franchise article.

I was trying to think of books in the genre that faithfully made it into film and pleased the readers.

I can think of some good films, but not many where the story line wasn't jazzed up somewhat or changed to the point where we wouldn't have recognised it without the title.

Epic disasters such as Dune for instance. Some of my favourite stories are dated now.
Eon for instance, background was the cold war...

Second War Of the Worlds, or maybe 2001 are all I can think of. SF, Fellowship Of the Ring is a stand out, but I liked Tom Bombadil and the following two make me want to punch someone out.

So a book that could be made successfully into a box office smash, without taking away what made the book great.

CJ Cherryh's Hellburner
Jerry Pournelle's King David's Space Ship
Anne McCaffrey's Dragon's Dawn
Niven and Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye, for a CGI extravaganza.

Or a potential epic money spinner, for a tall attractive brunette.

David Weber's On Basilisk Station.

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Hopefully Eragon

by GSG In reply to What's the best book to f ...

I'm seeing Eragon Friday afternoon, and since I loved the book so much, I hope that they were able to do a good rendition. On the one hand, they can't be too faithful, or you get a situation like the first Harry Potter movie. However, I want them to follow the story. I do know that they had to change Saphira's color from Sapphire blue to a more dull blue. I was disappointed when I saw this in the trailer until I read a post that explained that she looked like a cartoon character until they dulled the color. Stuff like that would be quite acceptable. I'm crossing my fingers.

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But, you don't really consider that SF do you?

by deepsand In reply to Hopefully Eragon

While it may be good Fantasy, it's certainly not Science Fiction.

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Colossus and anyhting Niven-ish

by Trilkin In reply to What's the best book to f ...

The film adaptation of Colossus (named Colossus: The Forbin Project) was a decent adaptation, in a corny seventies sort of way.

Almost anything by Niven SHOULD make a great film. Ringworld (the rishathra would be interesting) or any Man-Kzin war related material.

Also, Startide by David Brinn would be terrific if done right.

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Mutineers' Moon

by spreston In reply to What's the best book to f ...

It's by David Weber. It has got a little bit of everything in it. But then again we do find out that the moon is really a battleship. But then Hollywood would ruin it also, like they have so many great books in the past.

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Brian Lumly

by rschmid In reply to What's the best book to f ...

He has a series called Psychomech, Psychomock, Psychosphere. Deal with Industrialists who are /were Natzi scientists. Great story lines genuine hero. Blinded by explosion helped by the industrialist he was protecting. Machine enhanced esp by conquring fears in dreams one becomes superhuman (read SS) interesting reading TDR Fantasy. Or his take on vampires is different as well with the Wamphirii series.

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Way Station

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to What's the best book to f ...

Clifford Simak's "The Way Station" which won the Hugo in 1963 for best novel would make a really good movie. The story revolves around a human, Enoch Wallace, who is the secret local stationmaster for an intergalactic transportation system. Unfortunately Wallace come under scrutiny of the government when they realize that he is a civil war veteran and that one of the graves in his family cemetery contains the remains of something not of this Earth.

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I Know What I Wish Never Came Out

by Steffi28 In reply to What's the best book to f ...


The movie just didnt do it any justice whatsoever!

The old TV series was so much better and the only actor they got right in the movie was the voice of Marvin.
This time 2 or 3 years ago my answer would of been the whole hitchhikers series. But now... well I dont want them to be ruined by being released as movies.

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Somewhere, in a galaxy, whoops, in a TR discussion far, far away, ...

by deepsand In reply to I Know What I Wish Never ...

the whole Hitchhikers ..., the movie, was given its just desserts in spades. I'd point you to it, if I could, but the TR Searcg function is wholly inadequate for locating such; and, even if it could be found, there's no garuantee that the links to it are still active.

Now, old TR Discussions just fade away, never to be seen again.

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Raymond E Feist

by mr In reply to What's the best book to f ...

The riftwar saga would do well, especially if Peter Jackson got hold of it.

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Well Magician would be excellent

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Raymond E Feist

Silverthorn would be disappointing and Darkness at Sethanon utter crap, based on past performance.

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