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What's the best book to film sci-fi (or SF) transition and..

By Tony Hopkinson ·
What books would you like to see in film that would make the transition sensibly.

This sort of follows on from the Trivia Geek's Best SF franchise article.

I was trying to think of books in the genre that faithfully made it into film and pleased the readers.

I can think of some good films, but not many where the story line wasn't jazzed up somewhat or changed to the point where we wouldn't have recognised it without the title.

Epic disasters such as Dune for instance. Some of my favourite stories are dated now.
Eon for instance, background was the cold war...

Second War Of the Worlds, or maybe 2001 are all I can think of. SF, Fellowship Of the Ring is a stand out, but I liked Tom Bombadil and the following two make me want to punch someone out.

So a book that could be made successfully into a box office smash, without taking away what made the book great.

CJ Cherryh's Hellburner
Jerry Pournelle's King David's Space Ship
Anne McCaffrey's Dragon's Dawn
Niven and Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye, for a CGI extravaganza.

Or a potential epic money spinner, for a tall attractive brunette.

David Weber's On Basilisk Station.

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by nnielsen In reply to Stranger in a strange lan ...

I'm not familiar with Max Clifford, but I hope you're thinking that the role of Lucifer would call for a "Hail fellow, well met" type of performance.

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He's a PR guru

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Lucifer

you go to him when you have a problem in that regard and your story is worth money to him.

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Citizen of the Galaxy

by jeff In reply to Maybe some Heinlein

One of the best of Heinlein's short novels, Citizen of the Galaxy is the one I would most like to see come to the silver screen.

Other Nominations:
If This Goes On-- (later retitled Revolt in 2100)
Farnham's Freehold
Methuselah's Children
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Tunnel in the Sky
Magic, Inc.

- Jeff

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Actually there's one close to Rocketship Galileo

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Maybe some Heinlein

due out soon. Called The Astronaut Farmer. Not an Earth to Moon voyage, just some farmer with a dream of going into space putting together a rocket out of spare NASA & defense industry surplus and fighting the government suits who don't want him to try (or succeed).

Rocketship Galileo is a possibility with today's technology. Unfortunately, in today's anti-terrorist climate, the possibility of a private citizen getting that much material for propulsion is, well, farther than 4.3 light years. And I'm not sure if they ever solved nozzle erosion or the fuel fracturing problems before they killed the nuclear rocket program.

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You think its fiction?

by drace In reply to Actually there's one clos ...

There is a guy in New Zealand who built a cruise missile out of over the counter bits and scrap metal. It uses a pulse jet engine so it isnt too stealthy but with the GPS kit and servos from industrial robots it is accurate (he tried it) the gov tried to shut his website down. Now thats what I call a story. ANyway noone has mentioned E.E.Doc Smith. Triplanetary . The Lensman. Lots of good space opera there..

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Lensman.. has been mentioned

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You think its fiction?

too dated in my opinion. There are far better space operas anyway.
Stephen Donaldson's gap series springs to mind.

Do you think a the heroic couple would make it to the big screen unamended?

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Doorway into Summer

by burgmann.tom In reply to Maybe some Heinlein

If any of you are electronic engineers then this has to be one of the all time notables. It has robotics engineering, conflict and romance rolled into a memorable time travel story. Heinlein was my intro to sci-fi in the sixties. Whenever I need a lift this is the quick picker-upper.

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The only sci-fi story to yield an Oscar for Best Actor, ...

by deepsand In reply to What's the best book to f ...

Flowers for Algernon, made the trnasition from short story to the big screen, as Charlie, exceedingly well, succeeding in raising the same emotional response in both.

However, the novel Charlie, that resulted from the movie, was an unmitigated disaster.

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I'd love to see Asimov's Foundation series

by jmgarvin In reply to What's the best book to f ...

Also you can't beat Good Omens, but I'm pretty sure the religious right in the US would freak out and start burning down theaters.

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Yes, plus ...

by drowningnotwaving In reply to I'd love to see Asimov's ...

... encouraging nerdy mathematicians to think that they one day may rule the known universe ...

Is this truly a worthwhile outcome?

But of course a proper nerdy mathematician would point out the impossibility of ever actually knowing the universe, and do themselves out of a pretty comfy pension scheme at the same time.

We have nothing to fear.

Except I thought Asimov raved on a bit. The first few Foundation novels were brilliant but after a while, I think he rode that pony just a few miles too far - I truly expected "Foundation and the Local Off-License" (which come to think of it is not necessarily a bad idea).

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