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What's the best degree for a career in IT?

By debuggist Staff ·
I know CS seems like the obvious choice, although I'm sure others have chosen other majors and done well in IT.

Do others major in Mathematics or both CS and Math (that's what I did)?

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Don't settle for just a degree

by faradhi In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

While I think that JamesFD's position of counting a degree as a mark against that person is ridiculous. I would agree that experience is just as important in obtaining a position.

The problem with IT in the States is that a large number of entry-level positions are being outsourced off shores. That means that experience is getting harder and harder to come by. The benefit to getting a degree is that most, if not all, colleges and universities offer internships or Co-Ops. While getting a degree, whether IT, IS or CS, be sure to seek out internships to gain experience.

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Too true

by evmafau In reply to Don't settle for just a d ...

I got my BS in MIS last May and kept running into walls trying to get my first job because everyone wanted 3-5 years experience. Despite a couple projects from college, I had no real experience because I was involved in athletics and didn't get an opportunity for an internship. The job I finally got, and still have, is a dead-end job that I've already grown out of (in under 4 months).

For IT to survive in the States, companies need to get back in the practice of hiring employees that are willing and able to learn a position instead of expecting everybody to know everything.

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by kyang12 In reply to Too true

I am a recent gratz and I had the same problem, I mean how can I get 3-5 years of experience when I wasn't even given the chance?

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by Too Old For IT In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

Since you'll be looking for work about every 3-5 years, it will help to out-think the interviewers.

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I would say

by w2ktechman In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

Probably something in device driver writing. Drivers need updating periodically, and new devices come out often.
I pointed a friend to this a few years ago when he asked. After doing searches for it he found that available jobs (after the burst) were 5 times higher for device driver writers.

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if you are not already in IT, choose another field!

by bg6638 In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

Based upon what I have run into, if you do not have at least 5 yrs exp. working for at least a mid-sized company, BS in CS/MIS, virtually EVERY cert from Msoft, Cisco, Sun, and Redhat, your resume will probably never see the light of day. A Robert Half recruiter told me that he felt that within the next 2-5 years, that a Master's would be a minimum requirement to obtain a position in either an IT or Accounting related position. IT has not only become a mature field, but also a field that will require fewer and fewer people. I have interviewed with several companies where they have decided not to hire an IT mgr/staff, and outsource all of their IT needs. My 2 cents worth!

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Master's wont be a requirement

by Raja B In reply to if you are not already in ...

"A Robert Half recruiter told me that he felt that within the next 2-5 years, that a Master's would be a minimum requirement to obtain a position in either an IT or Accounting related position".
I dont think this will ever happen. What is taught in Bachelors is often different from what we do in the industry. IT is something everyone can do. You dont need a degree. Moreover companies will never be willing to pay for an advanced degree.

Outsourcing is more likely ...

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Master's will be used only as a screen

by bg6638 In reply to Master's wont be a requir ...

Raja, I agree that a Master's is not required to work in IT/Accounting, however when an employer/recruiter receives 100+ resumes for a single position, it is obvious that they will set tighter screens. I have seen help desk I jobs where they want 3-5 yrs exp., an MCSE plus a CCIE and a raftload of other certs for a job paying $9/hr in the U.S.! What person with those qualifications would lower themselves to that level?

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Several options

by jdmercha In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

Where I am at they offer: (In order of lowest to highest starting salary)

A BS in MIS. This is a business degree that includes some technology training. It is ideally suitred for a job such as a business analyst.

Then there is if BS in IT which is a tecnical degree that includes some business. This degree is best suited for project managers, network egnieers or DBA's.

Then there is the CS degree that teaches programming and is best suited to a career in software development.

The there is the Computer Engineering degree that teaches both harware and software. This degree is best suited for filling the middle between hardware and software, such as dirver developers or OS developers.
Then there is a EE degree that teaches the electronic. It is best suited for

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More important than degree

by hmosqueda In reply to What's the best degree fo ...

More important than which degree you have is whether or not you are willing to be a slave to the company that you work for. Do more for less is the bottom line these days. It seems that today most companies want someone who is passionate about the IT field, willing to do the tasks that 4 or 5 people use to do, willing to do those tasks for a lower salary, willing to work 24x7 and most importantly, willing to put the company first above all else. Basically you need to be young, nieve, desperate for money and single. It is sad how IT skills have be devalued in the past couple of years. Seriously, I would recommend another field of study. Sure you can make good money eventually, if you learn all there is to know and then some. But, to me, it is not worth the stress. The performance curve is ever increasing. I'd rather spend what's left of my middle age life, doing something that will benefit me, not the company.

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