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What's the first thing you do when you get into the office in the morning?

By toni.bowers_b ·
Aside from getting coffee--what's the first thing you do in the office? Answer e-mail? Do you visit a certain web site? If so, which one?

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Steffi, a TV show called "Charmed"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Latex........... :(

I don't know if it showed up in Europe. The show was a fantasy about three sisters who are good witches and fight evil, demons, warlocks, etc. In the episode pictured, they were helping an artist exploited for his ability to turn his drawings into reality. To help them battle the bad guys, he drew them as superhero types with attending powers.

The show ran in the U.S. for seven or eight years. The writers found frequent excuses for the wardrobe department to design some revealing and occasionally cheesy costumes. The Valkyrie costumes rivaled these, but in leather.

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"We're all the same size lying down"

by jdclyde In reply to Latex........... :(

What a funny thing GG.

If you do a google search off of your "the best things come in little bundles", check out what the number one result is. :^0

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Grief....! Yorkshire Terriers!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Latex........... :(

Now, if it had been Geordie Terriers...yup, I is one a those!

oh - and it's "We're all the same HEIGHT lying down....."

(well. Mostly! ;\ )

At the rate I'm shrinking, it'll be all split and no damn skirt!



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by dspeacock In reply to That sounded dangeriously ...

Who was complaining?? I was just saying what I did. There was no hint of a complaint there. I agree, being ambushed by females (any number) is NOT a bad thing.

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Oh Ok sorry I misunderstood

by faradhi In reply to Complaint?????

I just wanted to be sure you see the positives.

Enjoy :)

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For me

by Steffi28 In reply to What's the first thing yo ...

The first thing I do is check my emails. Then log onto TR and first see if anything has been added to the Yuk and if I need to reply to anyone, then have a look to see if theres any interesting discussions going on.

Then I log onto my iGoogle page and read all my jokes, see if theres anything interesting in the news, read the new Dilbert comic and check CTRL+ALT+DEL to see if they have a new comic, then check ITToolbox to see if theres any interesting blog posts, then check TR again then reply to any emails. Then its usually dinner time then after dinner I do it all again and then its usually home time

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Music first

1. for jazz feed
2. Outlook for e-mail
3. FeedDemon for feeds
4. Clean out spam filters on my blogs
5. Check Google Adsense and Analytics
6. Check FeedDemon stats
7. Check Technorati stats
8. Get to work

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i think a few of us need toclarify..

by Shellbot In reply to What's the first thing yo ...

do we work at all? Or do we just do email, TR, and other various web related things?


I must admit, for the past while i find myself doing less and less work. Job apathy and dissatisfaction being my main reasons..

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I Work, well err -ish

by Steffi28 In reply to i think a few of us need ...

I do spend more time on TR than actually working but I blame that on the fact that I'm only on work experience and everyone around me is earning almost three times as much so I therefore should do less work than them, makes perfect sense!

And after looking at CSS files all day like I have for the past few weeks you sometimes need not to work

And anyways 2 weeks today is my last day so I'll be outta here soon (Fly home 2 weeks on Saturday ). Shame it's to go back to a fast food joint for a year until I graduate Although I'm flying home on 4th August and not going back to work until 24th

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by Shellbot In reply to I Work, well err -ish

you'll be home soon then..
oh, does that mean we won't be seeing as much of you anymore??

well, I'm actually feeling a bit guilty, i did about 20 mins of work yesterday, spent the rest of the time looking online for jobs. and now today i've not done a thing yet. I just don't give a flying f*ck about the work i gotta do. When they gave me my new contract it was just the last straw i guess. No matter how much i do, or how hard i tow the line i get the same f*cking over as i always whatever.. by the end of the week i'll probably not be so mad and start doing a bit more..maybe

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