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Whats your fav way to kill you cell phone?

By Shellbot ·
I am having one of the crappiest days. What is it with me anyways..

Whole host of problems this moning, but the worst of it is:

I dropped my mobile (cell) down the f*cking toilet.

I've only had it like 3 months..Motorola was so pretty, so smooth, so sexy..
and now its in peices, drying in the sunshine. The screen is all fogged i'd say its dead.

:_| :_|

Who else destoys their belongings creatively? and how ?

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What if the shirt has no pockets?

by Mickster269 In reply to Uh...Then where do they w ...

Maybe it's a cultural thing- everyone here has them on the belt, and there is even a pretty fair trade in different types/styles of cases.

Now, of course, in certain cercumstances I can see how it would be a faux pas to wear them on the belt- like a funeral, wearing a Tux, or lapdancing ...

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by Shellbot In reply to Uh...Then where do they w ...

everyone seems to have pockets somewhere..think ireland..rains almost once day..everyone generally has some sort of coat with them and they put it in there if they have no pockets ladies, well..the handbag thing is handy..
ya, must be culteral. I think a few years ago a few people had them on the belt, but not in a long time.

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Back in the pager days

by Too Old For IT In reply to Uh...Then where do they w ...

... there used to be an item called Buzz Me or some such.

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Toilet / conference room

by The Ref In reply to tee hee

I used to do a lot of work in fatories, and the toilet was about the only place inside where you could hear, so it was the toilet / conference room :-S

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That is when you

by jdclyde In reply to JD

ask for a courtesy flush.......

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no no

by Shellbot In reply to This is beyond my underst ...

it was in my pocket..i swear
somehow in the act of pulling up the jeans it fell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I had a nickle for .......

by jdclyde In reply to no no

You know, I really WAS wondering just HOW you would have dropped it WHILE using "going". I just didn't want to bring it up and get that graphic! :0

You have saved yourself one "taseing", this time! ;\

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Some of use have Type-A Managers

by Too Old For IT In reply to This is beyond my underst ...

Who think they can call 24/7/365 and ifyou don't pick up the phone on the first ring you aren't a motivated team player.

Must be a millenial thing.

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Not a cell phone story but along the same line

by Peter Spande In reply to the same

A female co-worker had just been given a very expensive watch as a present.

It fell into the toilet at the office. The week before they had installed automatic flushers that activated when you stood up. She turned around to retreive the watch away it went!

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by Jaqui In reply to Whats your fav way to kil ...

last cell phone I had, I threw it off a bridge into False Creek.. nice salt water body.

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