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Whats your fav way to kill you cell phone?

By Shellbot ·
I am having one of the crappiest days. What is it with me anyways..

Whole host of problems this moning, but the worst of it is:

I dropped my mobile (cell) down the f*cking toilet.

I've only had it like 3 months..Motorola was so pretty, so smooth, so sexy..
and now its in peices, drying in the sunshine. The screen is all fogged i'd say its dead.

:_| :_|

Who else destoys their belongings creatively? and how ?

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by jdclyde In reply to ~giggle~

that deserves an "Attaboy"!

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nice one

by Shellbot In reply to ~giggle~

but..i'm not sure about this ~giggle~ thing...

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by Jaqui In reply to nice one

concidering that I tossed it to stop people from phoning me constantly, the giggle thing is my laughter at all those who phoned that number until I killed the account..2 weeks later.

and salt water means no chance of revival. ]:)

10 minutes in salt water will corrode beyong repair any electrically powered equipment that had power in it when it hit the water.

edited for typo... phonig ~l~

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by Oz_Media In reply to ~giggle~

I threw a mountain bike off that bridge once! Cambie Bridge? It ALMOST landed on Granville Island, late at night though, so not too many people would have perished from my wrath. ]:)

The brakes were rubbing a bit and I was pretty riled already. Sploooooosh. Oh well, easy come easy go.

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My dreams are

by jdclyde In reply to Whats your fav way to kil ...

destroying OTHER peoples cell phones. X-(

If I were king, it would be legal and REQUIRED to use a taser on any and everyone you see using a cell phone when out to eat, in a movie, walking around in a store, or IN THE BATHROOM. ]:)

So Shell, you will let us know by the end of the day if it will live?

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You left out the most important one..

by maecuff In reply to My dreams are

Driving in their car. Everytime somebody pulls a truly boneheaded move in their car, they have a cell phone attached to their ear.

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Detroit passed a ban on this

by jdclyde In reply to You left out the most imp ...

but the ever corrupt Mayor Kilpatrick has decided he will not enforce it.

It is a level one offense, so the cops could pull you over for talking on the phone. He wants it to be a level two, so you can not be pulled over for obviously breaking this law.

Scum bucket he is.

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How is Mayor Kilpatrick on selling crack ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Detroit passed a ban on t ...

... in the schoolyards?

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It all depends

by jdclyde In reply to How is Mayor Kilpatrick o ...

on if it is being done by one of his guys or not.

One of the guys on his staff recently got in minor trouble for pistol whipping someone.

The city of Detroit now deserves EVERY bad thing that happens to them for re-electing someone that has been PROVEN to be stealing from the city.

Navigator for your wife paid for by the city? Nice.

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When the weather is nice

by Too Old For IT In reply to You left out the most imp ...

and the windows are down, for some reason my horn sticks on when I'm behind someone with the phone attached to their ear.

Now if they are using at least the 99 cent hands-free device ...

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