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Whats your fav way to kill you cell phone?

By Shellbot ·
I am having one of the crappiest days. What is it with me anyways..

Whole host of problems this moning, but the worst of it is:

I dropped my mobile (cell) down the f*cking toilet.

I've only had it like 3 months..Motorola was so pretty, so smooth, so sexy..
and now its in peices, drying in the sunshine. The screen is all fogged i'd say its dead.

:_| :_|

Who else destoys their belongings creatively? and how ?

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i agree

by Shellbot In reply to My dreams are

movies..restaraunts..a definate no no..

i take train every day, and almost EVERYBODY answers thier phone and says "i'm on the train"..BUT they do it before the person ringing has even had a chance to ask..
holy sets off my "train rage"

how about people who talk really really loud and laugh loudly..a lot..
i feel like sticking those phones somewhere special..

i'll let ya know t/m..gonna give it a couple more hours drying time. i can still hear water inside part of i'm not holding out hope

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Train rage, and stopping the loud talkers

by jdclyde In reply to i agree

I wish I could take the train for my ride in. It is an hour each way, and I could get a well deserved nap in!

People talking loudly. The way to stop this rude behavior is to make it very obvious that you are standing their listening intently to their conversation. If you have a pad of paper and can jot down notes while doing so, all the better.

If they say anything, just tell them they were talking so loudly though thought everyone else was SUPOSE to be listening.

My revenge for people taking on the phone while in the stall next to me is to flush the phone SEVERAL times during my "transaction". Sometimes I will even start singing "Rubber ducky". :^0

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by Shellbot In reply to Train rage, and stopping ...

ok..taking notes is a good idea..
ah, people are so clueless, they don't care..

a couple months ago this woman was on and on about how they were trying to conceive. i mean really..i don't need to know your mating details


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The trick Shell

by jdclyde In reply to notes

is to be VERY obvious! Stand right next to them, looking at them while you VERY obviously are writing down what they say.

For the bathroom sequence, if you start making noises like in Austin Powers when the assassin is trying to kill him and Tom Arnold is in the next stall. AAAAAAAAAA! That one HURT! I REALLY need to start chewing better! :^0

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Even easier

by neilb@uk In reply to The trick Shell

Just start shouting (or singing)

"He's phoning from the crapper!"
"He's phoning from the crapper!"
"He's phoning from the crapper!"

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Good Ol' Ice Tea

by michele_robson In reply to notes

After leaving the cell would not stop ringing. People really don't get the idea of quitting time. I was drinking a glass of ice tea (actually a red paper cup) that I had placed in my cup holder. At about the 15th phone call I hadn't yet mastered pulling the cell from my belt to my ear. Sometime during the tranition it fell in the cup of tea. Needless to say, I enjoyed the rest of my evening.

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The ones that bother me the most

by OnTheRopes In reply to My dreams are

are the people that use their cell phone like a walkie talkie with the external speaker turned on HIGH.

There are times when I'd like to show my son-in-law a new way to carry his phone.

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Just remember

by jdclyde In reply to The ones that bother me t ...

in most situations, you own the cell phone abusers NO consideration of having to be quiet while they cluelessly chat away.

I guess family has to be a little different, because the person in the bathroom or on the train doesn't go to your home. B-)

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The volume

by OnTheRopes In reply to Just remember

on my TV is normally at 17 but I've found that it does go up to 40.

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I haven't killed one yet...

by InAwe In reply to Whats your fav way to kil ...

But a couple of my customers have.

The first guy left it in his pocket and his wife accidentally washed it. And it wasn't one of those little cell phones either, it was a blackberry.

The second guy lost the 'n' key off his blackberry. He insists it just fell off.

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