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Whats your fav way to kill you cell phone?

By Shellbot ·
I am having one of the crappiest days. What is it with me anyways..

Whole host of problems this moning, but the worst of it is:

I dropped my mobile (cell) down the f*cking toilet.

I've only had it like 3 months..Motorola was so pretty, so smooth, so sexy..
and now its in peices, drying in the sunshine. The screen is all fogged i'd say its dead.

:_| :_|

Who else destoys their belongings creatively? and how ?

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by Shellbot In reply to I haven't killed one yet. ...

how on earth do you lose a key off a blackberry..
i wonder what he was trying to do...

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by jdclyde In reply to ??

he dropped it.

That is about the only way I could think of it coming off. That or shoving it in an out of a SHIRT POCKET, which is so fashionable these days, as I hear it?

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by InAwe In reply to ??

He told me he just 'put it in the console' of his car and when he picked it up, it was gone.

We had a spare (the one that was washed) and replaced the key, and it took almost half an hour to get that key off.

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It should be salvagable

by neilb@uk In reply to Whats your fav way to kil ...

Just let it dry out for a couple of days with the battery out. Don't heat it or anything and at the most just put a fan to play over it. I'm assuming the water was "clean" (post flush?) but if we're talking pre-flush then dissolved salts - let's be polite - should be washed out with distilled water asap and the mobile redried.

I was cleaning out my fishtank and accidently doused my previous PC with around a gallon of dilute fishcrap. It survived.

Next time be more careful... :)

You can always tell when someone's phoning from the loo by the echoe and the pauses totally unrelated to the conversation.

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by Shellbot In reply to It should be salvagable

yes, post flush..otherwise i would have salvaged the SIM and threw it in the bin.

well..the back of it seems ok (where battery is), but the top part that flips up (where screen and camera is)seems to have water squishing around in it..can't get it out

i'm keeping my fingers crossed

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To put it simply

by neilb@uk In reply to thankfully

if water got in, it can get out. Patience - you'll just have to use a landline for a while or transfer the SIM to an old phone while the posaphone model dries out.

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old phone..

by Shellbot In reply to To put it simply

use my old phone...ughhh..i'd rather be unreachable :)

landline???? i only use that for broadband..

its amazing, once you get used to them, how naked you feel without one!!


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I suspect that I, alas,

by neilb@uk In reply to old phone..

have no style. I apologise for suggesting something so awful.

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ah no..

by Shellbot In reply to I suspect that I, alas,

I'm certain you have bags and bags of style !!!

Its just me..long story..but i had an old hideuous huge phone for year, hardly used it, but i wasn't paying for it, so i didn;t care.

I paid for this phone with my hard earned money and with me being on the go all the time lately, its become my life line. I text a lot..( i hate talking on the phone actually)

so i'm just being pretentious , thats all :)

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last sentence as a guy hears ]:)

by jdclyde In reply to old phone..

its amazing, once you get naked you feel one!!


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