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What's your favorite Christmas food?

By jck ·
Just wondered what everyone else looks forward to most at Christmas when they have the meal.

Mine is pecan pralines.

Mom's cooking is why I was a fat kid...hahaha.

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Trust me try

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Gravy?No way!

Try sesame or extra virgin olive, Thai fish oil and throw a few chillies in their to liven it up. Where I come from we call left overs in gravy dustbin stew, the slightly more upmarket version is made with those bags of unidentifiable meat that strangers place in the corner of your freezer.
Bubble and sqeak in a giant yorkshire pud is a very filling meal.

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I'd be signing my own death warrant

by neilb@uk In reply to Gravy?No way!

if I put chillies in the Christmas B&S. Very traditional, my family. Though we usually have Yorkshire Pud with Christmas lunch (yes, one big one!)

Me? I'll put chillies in anything, even ice-cream. I have nine different varieties in my store cupboard.

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Christmas morning breakfast.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What's your favorite Chri ...

Mushrooms on toast with bacon and finely chopped onions, a sausage link or two, some black pudding and scrambled eggs(no milk) with smoked salmon bits through them. Top that off with fresh coffee laced with your liqueur of choice. For some reason I tend to lean towards Drambuie but I've also used brandy, Grand Marnier and Cointreau. Understand this is black coffee; no sugar or cream. Oh yes and toast, lots of hot buttered toast.

Dawg ]:)

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Christmas morning breakfa ...

I've been making do with a bit of toast and that bar in the kid's selection box nobody likes.

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My in-laws

by maecuff In reply to What's your favorite Chri ...

Do all the traditional Christmas stuff. Boring, but very good.

I'm partial to grey goose martinis at Christmas. Or really, any time. Who needs a holiday?

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Stuffing whether it's for turkey or goose.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What's your favorite Chri ...

For turkey I make two stuffings. One is a bread stuffing and the other is a sausage meat stuffing. The bread stuffing usually goes in the neck cavity while the sausage meat goes in the body cavity. Also we use the giblets and some of the juices to make gravy.
Goose stuffing is different, it's bread based but with lots of fruit such as plums, apples, raisins and walnuts. We prefer wild goose to the domestic variety but will settle for the domestic if we haven't had a chance to take down a wild one.
With goose you do need a very deep roasting pan because of the grease. You can find the disposable variety in most supermarkets but make sure it is deep enough to put in a rack to raise the goose above the grease.

Dawg ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to Stuffing whether it's for ...

stuffing goose or duck with a wild/white/brown rice mix with some rough cut veggies.
baste the drippings over the bird frequenty, making sure you get lots into the body, so the rice can have liquid to absorb.

with a light orange glaze you kill the heavy greasieness of the bird, without killing the flavour.
( for orange glaze check my blog from June, Duck L'orange recipe there. )

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Mulling Spices and

by jdgretz In reply to What's your favorite Chri ...

Gooseberry Pie.

Of course cranberry sauce/relish is way up there on my list. Before my Grandmother died, the only thing that really signified Christmas for me was her fudge. The recipie is simple, but what she did with it sure made it special.


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The Italian Yankee

by DMambo In reply to What's your favorite Chri ...

My mother and her sister (my aunt was the good cook) used to make polenta that we would eat with maple syrup on it. Now that's good eatin'. The other thing was a very light fried dough type of cookie that they called grusti (sp??) with powdered sugar on them. These were only really served at Christmas, and they really made a heck of a mess to clean up. As a kid, if we helped clean, we got extra!!

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