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Whats your motivation phrase?

By DanLM ·
Ok, have you ever wondered if you should do something but was not sure if you should? Ie, Try for a new job, take on new challenges, move to a different geographical location to start over, go to the top dog and in pure diplomatic terms say what you think is required to fix something that you see that is wrong?

Chuckle, mine is.......... No guts, no glory. Don't get me wrong, I won't do something to ruin everything. But if it's a matter of something I think should be done, but I still am undecided. That's usually what my final thought is.

Wonder how bad I'll get flamed with this one. Chuckle, oh well. No guts, no glory.


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I use

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Whats your motivation phr ...

What's best for the family? Don't know if you classify it as a motivational phrase or not, but when I have to decide on whether to do something or not, I ask myself that question. Even if it means rubbing the boss the wrong way.

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by stress junkie In reply to I use

What would Jesus do?

I'm just joking. I don't have a motivational mantra. I DO have a professional slogan though. It is "Don't panic!". I've kept that in mind during many stressful moments on the job.

Oh crap. This ended up in the wrong place.

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I prefer

by mjwx In reply to WWJD

What would Mcgyver do,

To this end I always have a bottle of household bleach on hand.

For dealing with end users I have my desktop:
customer disservice,
Were not satisfied until your not satisfied.

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One of many

by maxwell edison In reply to Whats your motivation phr ...

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

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Just do it!

by JamesRL In reply to Whats your motivation phr ...

One of my former VPs stole it from Nike and had it on many items - shirts mugs etc.

And you know sometimes its better to just do it, and accept the consequences good or bad, learn from it and move on, than to sit in analysis paralysis and end up accomplishing nothing.

I'm lucky to be in a position where I have the latitude to make decisions and have my bosses accept that they will support me as long as my heart was in the right place.

Its pretty similar to No Guts no glory.


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I have a bunch of them

by gary.atamian In reply to Just do it!

I use "Just do it," too. Like chores at home--you gotta do 'em, so just do 'em! Quit your whining and get on with it already. You should have grew out of that mental rut after high school.

I think deep down my attitude is "No guts, no glory," but I don't actually think those words.

I also like your "learn from it and move on" psychology. That's just your basic life lesson, but how many people actually learn?

Others are: "Accept responsibility for your actions" and my favorite "What goes around, comes around," with it's corollary "Everyone gets what they deserve!"

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I'll either break it or fix it...

by faradhi In reply to Whats your motivation phr ...

either way it's progress.

This phrase gets be over the "I'm still not sure" feeling when I have researched a new technology I am implementing.

Edited to change unfamiliar with to I am implementing because saying I am unfamiliar with a new technology is a No DUH statement.

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Ah, yes

by w2ktechman In reply to I'll either break it or f ...

I forgot about that one. I guess I havent used it recently enough.

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Now THAT's the spirit!!!

by stress junkie In reply to I'll either break it or f ...

One way or the other things will be different. Sometimes any change seems better than being stuck with what you've got.

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by LockAndKey2 In reply to I'll either break it or f ...

Progress is a different error message.

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