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When a network administrator puts in his 2-week notice...

By angry_white_male ·
... what do you do?

Immediately remove him from service, disable all his access and pay him til his last day?

Trust he won't do anything bad and keep things status quo til his last day?

Quietly monitor everything he does and pull some of his privileges out?

Assume he's already filled his iPod up with everything already he can use against us later on down the road?

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by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Richard's Law

It's human nature.

by the same token, we have a hard time conceiving of the things we are not inclined to do

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Exception to Richard's Law

by rsbowman In reply to Why?

That is only the first time. Sometimes managers see people do things that the manager would never conceive of himself doing. He then learns to expect that behavior of others.

It would be a mistake to judge the manager's character by this law just because he has learned that not all people behave as he would.

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all generalizations are false...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Why?

including this one....

Still, unfounded accusations/suspicions are more representative of proclivity as opposed to experience.

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Richard's Law

by ang2006 In reply to Richard's Law, #37

Funny I was thinking the exact same thing when I read your post. Could be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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..and the violators!

by yosef.sheinfil In reply to Richard's Law, #37

Unfortunately, not everyone keeps the law. Life has shown me that although there are many good people, there are some people out there who do "bad things" for self gain or not, which I find puzzling.

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I agree with you on all points, but here is the legal reason why

by Big Ole Jack In reply to agreed - think of yoursel ...

From the HR and legal standpoint, the instance you declare your 2 weeks notice, you are pretty much advertising to your employer that you are no longer part of the company and that you are voluntarily asking to be cut off from the payroll. Yes, they could be professional about it and let you work off your final 2 weeks, but those in HR and legal need to set an example and give the appearance that they are "adhering to corporate policy..aka..status quo" by escorting you out of the building and erasing all remnants and traces of you ever having worked for them, excluding your social security number so that they can process your W2 at tax time. If they pick and choose who they want to boot out and who they want to keep, they won't have the opportunity to boot out a malicious employee when the times comes because their status quo will be challenged.

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Legal and HR

by tonyackerman In reply to I agree with you on all p ...

Not to sound arguementative, but that course of action is irresponsible and puts the company at risk unless the actions I've outlined in my previous post have been taken. This is often the course recommended by groups that truly don't understand the critical path nature of certain types of careers fields and keystone people within an organization that hasn't taken appropriate actions in the beginnng.
These people are not "cookie cutter" employees and should not be treated with such a cavalier attitude. Unplugging them like this is guarranteed to cause discension in the ranks and create the very situation that you want to avoid.

Trust and professionalism is expected from both sides of this coin.

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Why assume the worst?

by Dr Dij In reply to Why does everyone assume ...

because its happened to us. One employee of a school district my former boss was consulting with started being 'too stressed' to come into work. She was the only one who had the admin pwd to a unix system. She wouldn't give it to anyone. And they had trouble firing her because school district, not private employer.

Another person (not system admin) wouldn't document any of her job, and erased production templates before she left. We had to scramble and rewrite some of these systems. Kind of our fault too for not backing up her PC and making her write procudures before that.

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Worst possible situation, hostile leave

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why assume the worst?

of an employee with no documentation on what they did, could do, or have.

Even if it's not hostile, you are still stuffed.

Two months wouldn't be enough time to hand over, never mind two weeks.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to When a network administra ...

on how good your procedures are. If he's a critical, with lot's of secrets, you are SOL.

Is it an amicable leave?

If they are good pay the guy, let him go. shift all the passwords, and breathe a little safer.

Assuming he's going to leave you in the lurch and treating him like that, is pretty much a self fulfilling prophecy though.

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