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When a network administrator puts in his 2-week notice...

By angry_white_male ·
... what do you do?

Immediately remove him from service, disable all his access and pay him til his last day?

Trust he won't do anything bad and keep things status quo til his last day?

Quietly monitor everything he does and pull some of his privileges out?

Assume he's already filled his iPod up with everything already he can use against us later on down the road?

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until you've been in town long enough

by Absolutely In reply to Don't make enemies.

to know how to make friends via strategic choices in enemy-making!

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was FORCED to do that once.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to until you've been in town ...

ended up taking out a director in the process...

never p*ss off the little guy.

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by Absolutely In reply to was FORCED to do that onc ...

Tell me more. That sounds interesting.

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Director was a nut...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to forced?

This guy did CRAZY things... like beating a box fan with a 2/4, WHILE IT WAS RUNNING!!

He also threw a block of wood at a guy and it missed his head by inches.

The problem was this was a government job and he was 'in' with the party in power.

This nut was also trying to get me fired or transferred. I allied myself with his political enemies and thus made enemies of his political allies.

His enemies were stronger than his allies, and my new allies appreciated having the ammunition to take him out.

I had pictures of malfeasance. I had evidence of other wrongdoings and I reported an incident against me, with witnesses.

He immediately tried to get me reassigned, but my new allies blocked him, and banned him from my building. LOL!

He eventually ended up losing his job, thanks to our efforts.

And it all started because he wanted to replace me with a political cronie...

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Though shalt not **** off the underlings

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Unhappy camper

Being an owner of my own firm, it's wise to never create enemies with your fellow coworkers or subordinates. There is nothing more sinister than having an employee leave on bad terms and taking all the access password with him/her. Be sure you have everything documented and make sure the usernames and passwords you have do indeed work...don't take anybody's word for it. It is standard practice to escort the person out as soon as notice is given, but if the relationship was good and there was a good level of trust, then you can let this person serve out their final two weeks. In your case, it sounds like this person might resort to malicious behavior, so I'd err on the side of caution and legal liability and boot him out pronto.

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Some will be PO'd anyway

by Dr Dij In reply to Though shalt not piss off ...

no matter what you do, no matter that your paying them a good wage they think they should have more, no matter that you're the boss they make people dependant on them as they won't show anyone else how to run a process to generate data, etc.

There's endless bogus reasons to be disgruntled and some will be whatever you do. You can't make friends with them all. You treat them in standard professional fashion and they're still intolerable.

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But why give them cause?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Some will be PO'd anyway

You can't please everyone, but some of the things *I* have seen go beyond the pale and have in every instance destroyed loyalty and morale among the remaining folks...

"Gee, did you see what they did to Dave? They took him to lunch and removed him from the system while he was out" (happened to a former coworker)

"Did you see that, they sent security to his cube, turned off his computer, gave him five minutes to pack up and escorted him out. Not only that, they searched him on the way out" (happened to me)

After incident #1, a number of folks found other work, and didn't give notice.

After incident #2, same thing.

You come down too heavy handed, and you get your remaining employees wondering how THEY will be treated.

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That's tru but

by Dr Dij In reply to But why give them cause?

it goes both ways. Contractor I was working with was let go. Contractors have no expecation of notice. My boss told him but not me. A few hours later, boss tells me. I go look at his desk (had left by then) and he had been shredding then trashing listings of stuff he was working on.

Fortunatly the reason we let him go was because he hadn't done pretty much of anything in all the time he'd been there so wasn't much loss.

I'm just saying there are stupid companies and stupic employees. And the company can't depend on Karma to keep its systems secure. which reminds me of a gal who drove her mustang around and never locked it.. depended on 'karma' or 'Carma' to keep it from being burgled. Didn't work.

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Three kinds of people

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to That's tru but

People who are always professional
People who are never professional
People who are swayed by circumstance.

The first type, you don't have to worry about. The second, you can't stop. The third, you don't want to **** off.

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I disagree

by Absolutely In reply to Three kinds of people

Everybody is "swayed" by circumstance. Some tend more towards professionalism than others. Those that tend away from it intentionally should be identified easily, and never hired -- for anything!

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