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When members take a break where do they go?

By XnavyDK ·
My last post was sometime in April of 09.
where did I go?

well, lets see. as some of you know I work for this company, A great company. My home away from the Navy. Its just like the Navy in many ways. Anyway, I am the IT guy, I do everything some of these IT shops do with many people I do with one people. From user tech support to digging a ditch to lay the cat5 in to a new building. Did i hit the sewer line yes I sure did, but it was an experience. I learned that you much call some people before you dig for just that occasion. Anyway, so needless to say I am a very busy person. Dealing with users and servers and network problems and virus's and firewalls and lions and tigers and bears. Stumbleupon... I found a GF.

I see I missed a few things. I am sure there is more I have yet to see that I missed but for starters.

I missed the conference
I missed Old MC passing, fair winds and following seas Old Mycroft.
I don't know if JD got his stuff together
I see palmett is still giving out the greatest advice.
and a few others I used to follow also doing well.
I'm still reading... I need time to catch up.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to When I take a break from ...

a lot of green. Makes my heart smile!

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A lot of white . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Thats...

..... if you're there the other half of the year.

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Gunnison National Forest

by jdclyde In reply to When I take a break from ...

I hear someone could take a nice little stroll there.....

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Zoom in close enough and . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Gunnison National Forest

.... pan out of the trees, you'll be able to see the trail.

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I took a break, largely un-noticed.

by Ron K. In reply to When members take a break ...

To be frank, I need to get my shlt together a bit better. It didn't work.

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Thank goodness.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I took a break, largely u ...

I'd have to alter my perception of your algorithm if you got your shit together a bit better.
I hate when I have to do that.

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No breaks allowed - - not for me

by mjd420nova In reply to When members take a break ...

I have garnered so much usable information here that I couldn't take a break. I have daily questions that need answers and I always find most of them here. Even when I'm off on either of my yearly treks to the Alaskan wilderness, the laptop goes with me and I know where to plug in. Up and down the coast, I know which motels have free WIFI so I can park and eat luch while catching up or search the archives for a needed solution. Almost nine years now and I can't give it up.

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