When shutting off

By tdangat ·
I'm on Windows XP.

When shutting off the computer, the system auto-closes every application currently running, without prompting, resulting in loss of data of all those applications.

How can I make so that, when shutting off, the system waits for the applications to close before shutting off? (so the data is not lost when shutting off)

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Quick solution

by NexS In reply to When shutting off

Close all your programs manually before pressing shutdown.

Though I have a question for you:
Why would you press the shutdown button when you know you have unsaved data running?

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Now don't be difficult

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Quick solution

That is the way that this poster wants things to work so it should be possible to do it their way.

Doesn't matter how silly that way is they should have a way to do it to suit themselves.

It's no good telling that isn't how things work and that they need to use the computer properly, they want it to do something it was never designed to do so you should help them do it. Simple really.

Under no circumstances tell them to RTFM.


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Now you know darned well

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Now don't be difficult

you're not supposed to let out that there's a FM.


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But Davette I thought that everyone

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Now you know darned well

Knew what FM Radio was.

Some of my clients now when they ask me a question take one look at me and say Yes I Know RTFM.

And that's the last I hear of that complaint. I've got it to such a fine art now that I don't even need to say anything. :^0

Col 0:-)

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by NexS In reply to Now don't be difficult

Knowledge is the best defense against idiocy.
These people are not our clients, these people do not need babying. They need to be told what the problem is and how to fix it.

I did not tell them to <b>RTFM</b>, instead I'll explain to them what the <b>FM</b> so they don't have to read it.

What did Steve Jobs say when people asked Apple about the bad network signal?
"Hold the phone <i>this</i> way."

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Well it's not my fault that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Col

People don;t know how to hold their Apples. Personally I would have thought it was a simple thing but then again I don't ask silly questions.

I've just escaped from a very highly Qualified Doctor meaning she's a complete idiot who was telling me that this new Windows 7 isn't very user friendly. It's not intuitive as it doesn't do things the way that she wants to do them.

Now she's not my client as such and I didn't sell her this NB to begin with but when I left I had her reading the Users Manual. May or may not do her any good but hell it's not my problem either.


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by NexS In reply to Well it's not my fault th ...

People just need a little bit of incentive to do the right thing. How you decorate that incentive is directly related to how much you get paid from any given source, but the outcome should always be the same; Making The World Less Stupid, One User At A Time.

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Make them an offer

by santeewelding In reply to Sometimes

They can't refuse.

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You and I

by NexS In reply to Make them an offer

We often think alike.

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